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Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Wallace, Dee 3 Reviews
Money, Constance 3 Reviews
LeMay, Dorothy 1 Review
Haven, Annette 3 Reviews
Derek, Bo 6 Reviews

10's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Moore, Dudley 1 Review

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Dee Wallace
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Not worth even mentioning

Dee plays Mary Lewis. 1:12:15 (1sec) top of butt, with a little crack shown, as she walks into the bathroom, after crawling around with a sheet wrapped around her and displaying side views of her butt. Never would have mentioned, except that she’s on this site.

LeroyBrown was written on September 14, 2002

Buns and side of buns

She crawled out of bed after not having sex with Dudley Moore. She showed the side of her buns as several times and as she entered the bathroom, she showed the top of her buns including the crack. 1/2* actually. She was describing how another man couldn't have sex with her and how she's capable of rendering men sexually impotent it was a very good performance both funny and somewhat pitiful at the same time. Of course she would go on to be Elliott "E.T."'s mother.

thefaceman32 was written on December 24, 2000


1:09 - Brief side view of buns while on the floor
1:10 - Brief upper half of buns going into bathroom and dropping her sheet

Constance Money
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Short but good

Actual porn star who is not listed in the credits. 18:00 (6sec) and 18:10 (8sec) both breasts as she plays pool and then she bends over to take her shot. 18:26 (8sec) slightly dark shot of full frontal nudity as she gets out of the pool and wraps a towel around her. 25:25 (13frames) blurry distant side view of her right breast as she sits up while having sex. 25:31 (6frames) and 25:33 (10frames) right areola followed by right nipple as she blows a kiss to George Webber (Dudley Moore) while he watches through a telescope.

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Playing Pool Topless

Great look at a great pair of breasts on a very pretty woman.

filmo70 was written on November 27, 2004

First telescope pool scene

Constance Money is the girl who is playing pool early on with the neighbor as Dudley Moore watches thru a telescope. A clear but short look at her breasts as the walks around the pool table then again as she bends over to line up a shot and gets a suprise from behind! Shortly after she steps out of the outdoor pool and we get a dark full frontal as she walks to the telescope. Then later as Dudley again looks thru the telescope to find her riding the guy in bed, very brief and side view. She was uncredited in the film despite having a line. Suprising that Warner Brothers actually let all these porno actors into the film for the scenes with the naughty neighbor.

Dorothy LeMay
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Good but short

Actual porn star who is not listed in the credits. According to Mr. Skin, at 50:01 (11sec), she is the topless blond on our left walking with George Webber (Dudley Moore), as they walk up to look at his residence through the telescope. As they prepare to look through the telescope, you can see the butt of her, Dudley Moore, and the other girl.

Annette Haven
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Too litle

Actual porn star, listed as Annette Margin, plays Rapunzel. According to Mr. Skin, at 46:27 (5sec), she is the topless girl who is strolling through a party of topless women along the poolside, wearing “leather chaps paired with a thong”, as George Webber (Dudley Moore) watches through a telescope. Distance shot makes it hard to see anything more than her breasts are bare. Better topless shots of two other girls. 49:36 (6frames) left breast as she stands on the right of the screen, still in her leather outfit, just to the left of the girl in the red top, with other girls, of whom only one blond has her breasts visible.

filmo70 was written on November 27, 2004

end of movie

I believe the above poster is incorrect (see Constance Money). Annette Haven is the girl who appears at the very end of the movie with Dudley Moore's neighbor. She has two lines. She is wearing a open robe and appears to be nude underneath. However the telescope covers any possible nipple peaks and lower frontal is too dark to see. A major zero stars especially considering who it is.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Topless playing pool and getting out of the pool

Annette is credited as Annette Martin in this film. She's the redhead who is seen topless playing pool, and she's got a nice set of breasts. There's another scene where she's getting out of a pool naked, but it's rather dark so you can only really make out her silouhette and catch a few glimpses. That sillouhette and those glimpses are quite nice however, cause this girl is built!

Bo Derek
FilmCritic was written on March 25, 2005

Not much in nudity but a lot in the department of teasing

Plays Jenny Hanley. 1:31:33 (1sec) her breasts are visible from a distance in the mirror as she removes her towel to put on a bathrobe. 1:39:00 (10sec) her breasts are displayed in shadow as she takes her dress off but then she comes into the light where they can be seen a little better but not well. 1:40:21 (13sec), 1:40:37 (1sec), 1:40:47 (3sec), and 1:41:04 (6sec) both of her breasts, right breast, both breasts, and then right breast show from a distance while she is laying down on her back, with everything below that completely darkened out for the most part. 1:47:48 three glimpses of her breasts as she gets up on top of him for sex but the shadows are too dark to see well. 1:42:31 (1sec) both breasts, though hard to really see in the shadow, as she’s laying there when George Webber (Dudley Moore) throws the pillow at the record player. 1:33:13 (7frames), 1:33:38 (13frames), and 1:33:41 (14frames) right, left, and right breast in shadow as she turns to give George the phone and then takes it back. 1:34:01 (2secs) and 1:34:13 (1sec) she walks naked, though only her breasts are visible, to start record over, followed by her outline in the shadow as she comes towards the bed. 1:34:19 (3sec) and 1:35:25 (1sec) side views of her butt (the most visible part of her body during the entire time in bed, as more light has been turned on by the film crew, until 1:35:28, when her right breast is visible for 8 frames and 1:37:16 when her right breast is visible again for 6 frames, followed by her butt on and off for 17 seconds). The whole idea with Bo Derek was to give just enough to tease and leave the audience wanting more, which they did. As a tease, it apparently worked great, as it’s one of the most memorable movies of all time but personally, I think Bo has improved greatly with age and looks a whole lot better now than she ever did back then. I'm giving it 2 stars because I'm supposed to rate this on its nudity and not its teasing.

LeroyBrown was written on September 14, 2002

Buns and Breasts but dark

She only had a towel to cover her self after answering the door to let Dudley Moore inside. Her buns were shown as she walked towards the bathroom ahd her breast was shown clearly but briefly in the bathroom mirror. During sex scene with Moore she showed her breasts and buns but it was too dark to be appreciated. Damn that Blake Edwards!! He showed us his wife's breasts in clear lighting in "S.O.B." but didn't give us a good enough look at a better younger pair here. Luckily Ms. Derek more than accomodate us in her ensuing films.

thefaceman32 was written on December 24, 2000

Breasts and Buns - Kinda of dark though

1:19 - In yellow swimsuit running in slow motion towards Dudley Moore in his daydream
1:29 - Brief buns and breasts taking off towel and putting on robe when Moore visits her. Long shot, hard to see
1:36 - Brief breasts taking off dress trying to seduce Morre. Dark, hard to see.
1:37 - Breasts lying in bed. Dark hard to see.
1:41 - Breasts going to fix the skipping record. Long shot, hard to see. Buns while jumping back into bed.
1:43 - Breasts and buns while sitting up in bed
1:44 - Breasts and buns in bed when Moore gets out

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Bedroom Scene with Dudley Moore

Bo Derek is truely one of Hollywood's most beautiful women. The scenes are dimly lit, but they are classic. Bo sports more curves than the typical actress today. I love a woman with real hips and boobs.

pat was written on February 23, 1999

bedroom scene

Great scene where Bo takes Dudley Moore back to her hotel room and makes his move for him --hard to go wrong baring her perfect body for camera -- unlike later movies, just topless shots, though there is a great shot of her butt earlier in movie.

SeaRain was written on June 10, 2006


If you want to see Bo Derek nude in full light, see Bolero. This scene is too dark to make out her features, you do see her breast from time to time if you pay close attention.

Dudley Moore
WileyPark was written on April 18, 2012

Brief butt

Moore's character spends much of his time spying through a telescope at his neighbor who has daily and nightly orgies. About 51 minutes in, Moore finally joins one of these sex parties, and we see him walking naked with two girls for about two seconds. He was in his mid 40s in this movie, and while Moore had a cute face, his body was nothing to get excited over. He's thin and undefined, and his butt is very small. Male nudity is clearly not the emphasis in this movie.

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