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Paul Bettany
Ryan was written on July 6, 2002

Deleted scene on the dvd as well

I think Paul is kind of cute in an unconventional way and yeah he doesn't have the best butt but he's not embarrassed to show it. Good on ya mate. Anyway, the DVD contains a deleted scene with yet another Bettany butt shot, upping the film's total to three. His buddies in the film see him walking naked into a barn and assume he's lost at gambling again but it turns out he's sharing a snog with his wife. Cute scene.

moviestuff was written on October 6, 2003

ass in many scenes

you see pauls ass in many scenes also on the dvd there is one scen that also shows ass

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Buns seen clearly in 3 different scenes

A very cute Irish actor. About 15 minutes into the movie, he walks completely nude from Heath Ledger and his friends, which allows for a good, prolonged view as his somewhat flabby, but nice-looking cheeks as he turns (no frontal shots, though) and talks to them. There's also another scene where you see Paul's nice ass again when he's forced to give up his clothes after gambling them off. The DVD also includes a cut scene which includes him walking nude into a barn to have a quickie with his wife. Cute actor, great scenes.

dolphin_girl1928 was written on August 29, 2004

Walking along the road nude

In the first scene that shows him nude he's walking along the road where he meets Heath and friends. We get to see several shots of his butt, which isn't too bad, but its not the best. Later we see his butt again when hes lost his clothes due to gambling. In a deleted scene we see his butt again while walking toward the barn to his wife. If your a Paul Bettany fan you would want to see one. (none of the nude scenes are really quick either. If you have a freeze-frame and a zoom then you'll get a really close veiw of his butt.

guywatcher was written on November 15, 2001

butt while walking

The actor does show his butt while walking down the road but it is not a very nice butt at all. The scene is Bettany walking down the road naked, covered in dirt. The scene last for a few seconds and it is outside so the lighting is good. I didn't find the actor attractive at all. His butt was small and very flabby.

Mattg was written on June 7, 2001


We see him walking along completely nude (we see several views of his bare butt - from behind and the side as he sits on the ground, but we don't see any explicit full frontal shots. Later in the movie, we again see his bare butt after he's forced to give up his clothes after losing at gambling. Not bad looking actor. The only real nudity in this great movie. Too bad Heath couldn't take more off as well.

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