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Franck Dubosc
FrenchBoy was written on August 29, 2000

Locker room embarrassment

After a hockey game, Dubosc's character take a shower (not seen, but, just before this scene, there's another that show four well hung young hockey players taking a shower, with full frontal and rear shot). A young girl searching for her friend enters into locker room as Dubosc, full naked of course, leaves the shower room. Before he sees her and try hiding himself with clothes, he pass from left to right, face to the camera so we can see in quite full screen his beautiful cock, balls and pubic hair. A few moments later, while he bent over to help the girl to pick up her her handbag's content, we see his nice butt.
Very cute guy in his twenties early and great embarrassment context.

dvdcollector was written on July 28, 2002

Full frontal and rear after shower

Very handsome young hockey player comes out of the shower when a young woman has just entered the locker room looking for a young girl. Both are surprised to see each other and the young player quickly tries to cover himself with a towel, but not before we get a good view of his penis. Afterwards we also get a nice view of his very beautiful rear end. Just before this scene there is also a shower scene with frontal and rear nudity but the actors are difficult to identify because their hair is different when wet! All in all, it is worth obtaining the video for this scene, which appears around minutes 9-10 of the film.
Later in the film there is a very dark rear scene when Dubosc gets out of bed to get a cigarette for his girlfriend.

buttlover21 was written on January 15, 2000

Wht wear clothes?

Franck is seen here completly nude... He shows his balls and penis, but it is not very big. He then latter covers his penis, but still shows his ass.

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