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A Sweet Sickness' Sexy Actresses

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Zalud, Marguerite 1 Review
Wells, Sharon 1 Review
Wallace, Vincene 1 Review
Tani, Yuki 1 Review
Carbe, Vicki 1 Review

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Marguerite Zalud
Immy was written on March 19, 2012

Go-go dancer topless (0:30)

Slim, long-haired Marguerite does an energetic dance routine on stage in a strip club. She's wearing a thong and what looks like a tank top with seguins on the shoulder straps but with an open front that exposes her boobs. She comes on stage after Vincene Wallace for a brief moment but then a few minutes later we're treated to a much longer look at her routine, complete with crotch-level shots looking up her body.

Sharon Wells
Immy was written on March 19, 2012

Orgy girl nude (0:49)

Sharon is the MILFy woman in an orgy scene with Vincene Wallace, Yuki Tani and a guy as another guy snaps photos. She's last to get naked and has banana-like boobs. Things then get pretty messy when food is introduced. Bizarre camera movements and music don't detract from the view too much. Very wild!

Vincene Wallace
Immy was written on March 19, 2012

Sexy starlet nude

Hollywood hopeful Vincene wakes up in her apartment with roommate Vicki Carbe. She peels off her pajama top and proceeds to make beds wearing just panties (0:07). She's nude from the rear doffing a robe to slide some sheer panties on (0:10) and then answering the door, when the slimy landlord barges in, pushes her to the bed and has his way with her (nude but no pubes visible). About halfway thru she seems to be enjoying it, but after it's over she sits in bed topless with regret (0:15). She then has a bath (0:22, fully nude) while talking with her agent on the phone. He sets her up with a stripping gig in a local club where he clothes are auctioned off piece by piece as she dances onstage(0:27, topless then rear nude). Afterwards, she fends off a drunk admirer in her dressing room (0:29, topless) and gets yelled at by the club owner (0:31, right boob in open robe). With the money she earned she looks for her own apartment, but instead is chloroformed by the guy showing her the place (0:48, right boob in open blouse struggling with the guy) and made to perform in an orgy with two other women and a guy. She's topless at first then nude in bed with everyone, and it literally gets messy when food is introduced, going on for several minutes. Lastly she now understands how Hollywood works and willingly sleeps with her agent in his office (0:59, nude).

Yuki Tani
Immy was written on March 19, 2012

Orgy nude (0:49)

Yuki has a dialog-free appearance in a wild orgy scene with Sharon Wells and Vincene Wallace. The three are in bed with a guy, slowly stripping down to nothing, and Yuki is the first to be naked. Eventually food is introduced, hard to tell exactly what's used since it's a b&w movie but I'm willing to guess whipped cream, honey or even peanut butter, and on occasion a dildo is wielded but never utilized. It goes on for several minutes with weird camera angles and music.

Vicki Carbe
Immy was written on March 19, 2012

September 1963 Playboy Playmate nude

Another day in Hollywood as aspiring actresses Vicki and her roommate Vincene Williams are woken up by their alarm. Vicki sits up in bed and all she's wearing is a sheer unfastened robe and panties (0:06). She shrugs off the robe and heads for the shower, where she asks Vincene to wash her back (0:10, nude but only boobs and butt seen, giggling as her back is washed). We don't see her again until she has an extended session with a guy in bed (0:38, nude for several minutes, maybe a hint of muff but the bedsheets are in the way too often. Best shots are when she's riding him).

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