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2004 Shameless (UK) 4 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
dvdcollector was written on November 4, 2007

Nude sleepwalking

Sleepwalks nude into Rebecca Atkinson's bedroom. A few very close-up shots of his nice butt. Indeed, so close that you can easily see his butt hairs! MCCusker has a nice body, but a large tattoo on his biceps and quite a few moles (otherwise it would be worth one star more).

McKinnon was written on March 15, 2011


In the first episode of series 8 Aaron\'s character and various others streak through the neighborhood after a bachelor party. This is only shown from a distance, via security camera.

Ozzie700 was written on January 22, 2008

Leaving bed

In the 4th episode of series 5, he gets out of bed and his very shapely rear end is shot in good closeup as he leaves.

Ozzie700 was written on April 16, 2010

Brief rear; series 7 episode 10

Aaron's character agrees to be a sperm donor to help his sister-in-law get pregnant. There's a quick shot of him pulling down his jeans and showing his very nice backside.

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