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Serna was written on January 13, 2007

nudity throughout

I saw this film with the title LA DUENA. Malu, who is gorgeous, and a load of other actresses are pretty much nude throughout so I won't go through the whole thing.
Suffice to say there are many gorgeous butts, breasts and beavers on display.
In the scene referred to by the other reviewer Malu is in her bedroom,taking her off make up. She then begins to masturbate, rubbing self on the chair; she's in black undies, very sexy, stroking her breasts. She strips her knickers off, fingers self, takes a brush handle to her privates, rolls stockings off, stares at herself in the mirror --- meanwhile in another room a maid is romping on top of a lucky bloke.
Another scene shows some stuff in silhouette: blow job, reverse cowgirl and what experts call a tit wanks.
Later on there are sex scenes with Malu in an army uniform and then jodhpurs!!!

Winchester was written on January 8, 2000

This one is a good one, kids...

She is a very beautiful italian pornstar, and this softcore movie is one of her mainstream releases. Don't care the plot 'cause the only purpose of the filmakers is to show her and her female co-stars nude in many different secuences. The having-sex scenes are poor and far the best of this one are the highly explicit masturbation secuences. (Plenty of female genitalia), The best i can remember is when Malú begins caressing softly her beaver while she takes off her dress, but finishes totally naked, rubbing her vulva against the forearm of a chair... another good scene is when an unknown actress is masturbating in front of public rubbing with violence a bottle against her vagina. Believe me... if you can get this one you not only will not get dissapointed, but you will also get tired of seeing beautiful women spreading her legs to you.

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