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Rochon, Debbie 1 Review
Bianca, Raquel 1 Review

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Debbie Rochon
sometimer was written on November 13, 2001

Rochon running around topless

A few minutes before the end of the movie Debbie Rochon is running around topless on a field.
Clear view of her nice breasts.

Raquel Bianca
Immy was written on March 3, 2011


Raquel and her two pals decide to vacation near a remote mountain lake. On their first night they're captured by a nutjob mountainman Lawrence King. Her two friends manage to escape but Raquel ends up in King's cave where he has her change into a tattered homemade dress (0:57, topless). Then he forces her to tell him about her first time with a guy which we see in a brief flashback (1:04, topless riding him). He gets mad at her and rips open her dress, which she now has to hold closed for the rest of the movie. The next day they're on a high ridge and he tries to get it on with her (1:17, breasts as she struggles with him on the ground).

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