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Ursula Staack
AceOfClubs was written on December 21, 2005

Plumper Boobs

Chubby German Ursula Staack looks very very pretty here in her youth, especially if you like chicks who are a little thick. She is naked in bed with a guy when they both get up and he has to make a hasty exit. She gets out of bed and you can see glimpses of her breasts as she throws on a night shirt and helps the guy escape out the window. There might be a very quick and blurry lower frontal shot as she whirls around near the window in the open shirt and a peek and the lower portion of her buttocks under the shirt, but mostly just fast looks at her boobs and jiggly belly. Later in the film she has a scene in a store changing room where her shirt is off and you get a very nice look at her cute plump jugs for a few seconds. Yes, she is old and ugly at present but looks very pretty in this film from the late 70's.

Julie Juristová

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