Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Sorel, Julia 0 Reviews
Sloan, Susan 1 Review
Brooke, Rebecca 1 Review

Abigail Leslie Is Back in Town's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Landham, Sonny 1 Review
Gillis, Jamie 1 Review
Edwards, Eric 1 Review

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Julia Sorel
Susan Sloan
12-string was written on June 29, 2006

two sequences; for fans only

It seems to have escaped general notice that Susan Sloan, icon of 33rd degree 70s smutfilm fans, has a fair supporting role in this picture, using the alias Anne Keel. At 0:59 you see her tits on the couch, while Sonny Landham is wolfing her munchy nugget just out of frame. Landham mounts her and humps a bit, his large body mostly covering the petite Sloan. You get a very brief peek at her delta when he slides off her, but a longer look at something which suggests Sonny Jr didn't even slightly mind dry-humping Suze. Jen Welles joins them at the couch for a bit of 3-way groping which still doesn't show ya much more of Sloan than before. At 1:25 Suze shows up for a hen party at Sarah Nicholson's, and we get some footage of her standing up nekkid (bare not quite to Mr Fuzzy) while Mendum and Julia Sorel make it a 3-way, groping her and each other. That's it.

Strictly for fans and Sloan completists. Suze made 10 or 11 films in the 1973/74 period, most notably The Naughty Victorians (1974), and used a different name in each of them. Smut filmographers chose "Sloan" as her standard billing. Sarno seems not to remember her at all, per the commentary track, which makes him pretty damn unique among those who saw any of her movies in the 70s. However, the even more obscure NY starlet Julia Sorel is the one who really gets to shine in this movie, giving a very good perf with all the nekkidness you'd ever want. Julia is about a 35th degree cult icon, I suppose!

Rebecca Brooke
icebag2 was written on February 18, 2009

Nude all over the place

Rebecca does four nude scenes, all of which give us long looks at her pretty breasts. In the first one, she undoes a housedress in front of a mirror and we stare at her beautiful pair as she tries on different necklaces. Later, while being made love to, we see her right breast a lot. Finally, we see her lovely chest as she reclines on the bed in post-coital bliss. Second scene, she’s in a chair being gone down on by Abigail, and we see her soft chest for a long time as she writhes ecstatically. The scene concludes with a nude embrace on the chair, then her breasts emerging from the blouse she’s trying to put on in order to leave. Third scene, she’s standing up, and we get a good full frontal as a two-way grope with another woman turns into a three-gal grope, all of them nude and standing. Fourth scene, she’s sitting up against a bedstead, starkers, her breasts on ideal display again. That’s the preface for a four-way (2B, 2G) on the same bed, Rebecca riding her guy, boobs a-jiggling. She’s a pretty woman with a pretty figure, and you get a huge dose of it in this film.

Sonny Landham
Hamm_Sodomy was written on June 12, 2006

Red Cock!

Do you remember the killer hot Native American guy from "Predator I"? Well, he used to be a porn actor. Here he is in a non-porn role, but he still strips down and shows us some tasty frontal! Luckily, I'm old enough to have access to his pornographic work. However, for those who are not as fortunate, this B-movie may be a good substitute. He is not the lead actor in this work, yet he is on the cover. I think that's a testament to his hotness. By the way, he's not only muscular and beautiful, but tall with a rich, sexy voice as well!

Jamie Gillis
Hamm_Sodomy was written on June 12, 2006


This veteran porn actor has a non-porn role here. Still, the first visual of him is his butt while he is screwing a woman. Gillis is now known for his SM work. However, this role does not involve the heavy stuff.

Eric Edwards
Hamm_Sodomy was written on June 12, 2006

frontal, and possibly butt

This film is softcore, but it's available at non-pornographic outlets. This veteran porn star does some acting here. He definitely reveals bratwurst and may show some buns too.

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