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Tiffany Shepis
AceOfClubs was written on November 24, 2008

boobs & butt in the shower

Tiffany is in the bathroom taking off her clothers to take a shower. First you see her from a peepers point of view through binoculars as she removes her boots and top. Then the view switched to the monsters point of view from another window. Now we can see Tiffany's beautiful medium sized breasts and finally the most gorgeous firm little bubble butt as she peels off her black thong and enters the shower. The view goes back to the peepers point of view as she soaps up in the shower, some additional close ups of her breasts and butt, unfortunately lower frontal is always concealed. Tiffany gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her lower region leaving breasts exposed as she wipes the steamed up window to get a look outside. Just then the glass shatters as two huge hairy arms reach in and grab her and pull her out the small window bending her in half as a result. I'm assuming she gets gobbled up, as I don't see any other conceivable use Sasquatch would have for a dead, naked, bifurcated woman. Tiffany is beautiful and always fun to watch.

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