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Above Suspicion's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Cattrall, Kim 7 Reviews

Above Suspicion's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Kerr, Edward 2 Reviews

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Kim Cattrall
EpicReviewer was written on March 7, 2004

Two sex scenes

There are two sex scenes that offer up views of Kim Cattrall. The first is very early in the movie, and while it's a little dark you get a pretty good look at her breasts while she's on top. If you have freeze frame there might even be a tiny hint of bush. The second, and much better, scene is a bit further in. It involves Kim having sex in the shower, which conveniently has glass sides. (Some of the camera angles are from inside the shower, and several more are of her with the shower door open.) This is a well-lit and fairly long scene, giving you a nice look. Finally, there is a very brief non-sex scene where Kim is changing clothes and you get a very nice look at her entire backside. Good movie too!

Loneranger was written on January 25, 1999

She shows tits and ass during the scene where she is screwing Christopher Reeve's brother and later in the shower.

She shows tits and ass during the scene where she is screwing Christopher Reeve's brother and later in the shower.

Condor was written on August 19, 1999


First you see naked Kim un the shower with Reeves brother, you get a good look at her tits and nice simulated sex. Then just a few minutes later you got Kim last nude scene, she walks into the bathroom dissrobes and gets into her nightie. You get a good view of her ass and side of her tit, then you see one of her tits hanging as she bends toward Reeves on bed. They should have kept that intensity of nudity throughout that film!

Gordon was written on November 6, 2001

Several sex and nude scenes

This movie offers several good looks at Kim's thin, tight body. There are two sex scenes. In the first she's in bed with a guy as he pulls her shirt off, revealing her breasts (they're a little smallish, but still very shapely), and eventually they get it on. The other sex scene takes place in the shower. A guy takes her from behind as her breasts get pressed against the glass of the shower door. After they're done you also get to see her rack as she exits the shower. There are a few other scenes with nudity. In one she's laying in bed topless reading a book. In another she is seen from behind as she removes her robe and steps into a nightgown, and there is a good view of her ass. Lastly, in one scene she is wearing a loose fitting top and as she bends over a guy offering oral sex her breasts are revealed.

LeroyBrown was written on February 7, 2001

Topless after sex and in the shower

I always give good totally topless scenes (both breasts in full view) 3 stars. On its own merits these are primo topless scenes from Kim even though she's done others and have even shown her bush. Definitely deserve 3 stars not just 2.

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

3 decent scenes

Is on top of guy making love, sheets and blankets cover her ass, but her takes off her shirt and her nice supple tits attached to a great rib cage and ripped abs are visible slightly darkened. An initially steam obscured shower sex scene, has the steam go away and his hands on both her tits. He removes his hands and her right nipple gets mashed against the clear shower door. After he "cums" we get another brief view of her round robins. She goes into a closet to change and drops her robe and gives us full muscular backal with slightly wrinkled 40 year old butt--good light up and down. She is lying in a sun suit and opens her knees and a brief shot of white panty is seen up her shorts. Very hot lady at age 40 and like a fine wine she seems to get more gorgeous with age--surgeon, surgeon!

Chicago was written on January 29, 2001

3 scenes

At :03, Kim is having sex with Reeves' brother and you get to see her smallish, terrific breasts--the best nudes of the film. At :20, she has a shower sex scene where she's getting it from behind and her breasts are pressed up against the glass wall and clearly seen in and as she leaves the shower. Great excited moans too. At :25, she disrobes and you see her slender body and great ass; shortly after she tries to "help" Reeves (attempting to give oral sex) and, as she's turned away, you get to see the clear outline of her breasts down her nightgown. Good scenes.

Edward Kerr
Derek was written on July 24, 1999

Love scene, shower scene

While this handsome actor has many--and I do mean MANY--opportunities to show his beautiful body, the camera stays above his waist at ALL times. Kerr is extremely gorgeous, and he is used to sexy effect here, but as usual for American films, this one treats male nudity as though it would destroy the fabirc of an already cheesy movie.

duckem was written on January 29, 2001

above the waist

Kim Cattrall said in an interview that
during the filming of the shower scene
Edward Kerr got visibly excited and rose to attention. That's the reason why all his shots were above the waist.

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