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Julia Sawalha
kd2 was written on December 2, 2001

Cleavage in wedding dress; hose-clad thigh

I don't completely recall the swimming scene, but two scenes I do remember. In the last BBC AbFab episode, "The Last Shout" Saffron (Julia's character) wears a low-cut wedding dress. In the shots of her at her wedding at the end, her cleavage is really quite marvelous.

In addition, there's a fairly early episode (sorry, don't know number, title) where Patsy convinces Saffron to dress up in a "high-fashion" makeover. The outfit is a black leotard and hose with chains (kind of a parody of haute coutoure. Her body shape is very obvious in the outfit and quite sexy.

Though neither of these scenes are nude, they are sexy, and the closest thing we've got.

mindblender was written on May 18, 2002

RE: Sorcerer's Review

The episode Sorcerer is talking about is the "Morocco" episode. It can be viewed on DVD Series #2 of ABFAB. The scene where Julia comes out of the swimming pool is around 16:41 into the episode.

The episode kd2 is referring to with the designer dress is on the Series #1 DVD, I think it is "Fashion Show". If I remember correctly Julia is wearing a chain-link dress with a black body suit under it. You can see her body shape thru the dress.

Hope to see more of this attractive acctress in the future.

Sorcerer was written on December 11, 1999

Swimming- not nude, but you get an idea

So far, this is the closest this beautiful woman's done to nudity. She swims for a bit in the pool at the hotel, then gets out. For a few seconds we see her wet swimsuit, and her breasts can be made out. It's short, and I'm not talking Denise Richards in WILD THINGS here, but it does fire the imagination, and shows off the fact that she's doing okay in the chest department. A sexy glimpse. My suggestion: See some more of Julia on ABFAB and then, if this episode's on DVD, get it and freeze frame it. She's a real sweetiedarling, and I hope some British filmmaker convinces her to bare all someday. Until then, this should help aid your fantasies. (Did I mention it's a great show and she's a great actress?

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