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Woquini Adams

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Lane, Akira 2 Reviews

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Pape, Danny 0 Reviews
Frank, Noah 1 Review
Curtis, Steve 0 Reviews

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Akira Lane
Alex263 was written on April 17, 2006

sex w/ pape

I agree with the above reviewer...Akira Lane is hot. Her scene with Danny Pape is the ultimate scene in this movie. They make a great pair and they bang like crazy. I'd love to be in EITHER OF THEIR SHOES...

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

2 sex scenes and one strip scene GREAT

The first scene Akira is in is in a college dorm room and a guy walks in and they get undressed. She reveals her very large and nicely shaped breasts and lets him play with them alot. She lays on the corner of the bed while the guy is standing and he grinds into her very hard and fast. They also do it doggy-style and missionary. Later in the film she gets on a stage and strips. Its an ok scene but its also short. The last sex scene of hers is in a dark bar here she sits on a stool the whole time while a guy gives her oral and feels her big boobs. Then he thrusts into her. The scene is a little short but still very hot. Akira Lane is very hot.

Danny Pape
Noah Frank
b00bfan was written on May 22, 2006

Are we gunna screw or what?

The clip starts with Noah walking into a room with Akira Lane waiting for him. He is so hot for her that he just comes right out and says to her "Are we gunna screw or what?" Then he starts taking off his shirt as Akira kisses him and takes off his pants. Then they are both naked and he gives it to her very deep from behind which makes her big boobs bounce. Then he lays her on her back on the edge of the bed and lifts her legs over his shoulders so he can stand up and thrust into her very fast and hard. Then he lays down so that Akira can ride him real hard as she generously lets him squeeze the hell out of her awesomely large and round breasts. And when he is too overwhelmed to grab em, she just put them in his face for him. Then they finish up and unfortunately he isnt in any other clip in the film. But Akira still has very hot sex with another guy.

Steve Curtis

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