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Jim Carrey
alekhidell was written on June 21, 2000


Im a male so its a zero, but it is a funny scene. Its the scene where he finds out that the boss he kissed is really a man. He takes all of his clothes off and burns them in a bucket. You can see him run into the shower from behind. Funniest movie ever.

JJM was written on January 30, 1998

Shower scene

Shower scene

Sneezy0984 was written on October 13, 2005

Shower Scene

During this mostly comic scene, you get to see glimpses of Jim Carrey from the back. No Almond Joy unfortunately, but there is plenty of Mounds.

dvddish was written on April 15, 2003

ace's ass

in the tub

Twisp was written on January 3, 2001

Butt in Bath

Carrey's character, in an attempt to cleanse himself after kissing a man, burns his clothes and jumps into the shower. Carrey's comedic talent often overshadows his looks, but he doesn't have a bad body at all, as is shown in this scene.

luvbutt was written on October 14, 2001

Not As Bad As I Thought It Would Be

But then again, Hollywood could probably make MY butt look good. Still very pleasing look at Jim Carrey's backside as he runs for the tub.

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