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Jim Carrey
CREW [email protected] was written on August 12, 1998

climbing out of mechanical rhino's anus

If you are of keen eye,you can catch a glimpse of something else! ;)

xiii was written on February 11, 2004

rear falling out of 'rhino'

when inside the mechanical rhino the cooler breaks down and jim has to strip, then when leaving he has to crawl out, as he falls out you get a breif view of his arse and pubes, nearly frontal but not quite

[email protected] was written on November 20, 1998

in the tent later in the movie

carrey is in the tent and u see a shadow of him and he is groaning, if you didn't notice it looks and sounds as if he's having self sex

Twisp was written on January 3, 2001

Falling out of a mechanical rhino -- Butt

This movie is far less humorous than the original, and so is Carrey's nude scene. As he crawls naked from the anus of a fake rhinoceros, you can see his butt, but the scene is just overdone, and not very funny.

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