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Ryan Sheckler
tushlover was written on November 8, 2007

Skateboard scenes from the edition originally aired 10/20/07

Sheckler is a champion street skateboarder. In this one episode a lot of the top of his butt is easily visible. He will just turn 18 next month, but he is cute as a bug. He is wearing low slung jeans, and during his skating routine the boxers he is wearing underneath the jeans have slid down and quite a bit of his upper butt is clearly visible.

When he is done skating for the day he takes his T-shirt off and you get a very sexy and a longer view of his upper butt. Too bad his whole butt doesn't show, but enough of it does show to make this a worthwhile look.

Action Sports is mainly a cable TV show which repeats earlier episodes pretty often. It is not a movie, but a sports event. Look for this particular episode.

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