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nudity reviews for Adaptation. member submitted

Meryl Streep
Chicago was written on November 25, 2004

1 scene

Luvmonk describes 3 scenes, however, only 1 qualifies as "nudity," and it comes at 1:10.15 lasting 2 sec. This scene of Streep on a porn site reclining in a chair and baring her breasts is clearly doctored and not her.

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

A few questionable shots and one that is most likely a fake

The gem for her here in this crappy movie, is when Cage looks her up on a porn site and we see her sitting there with her shirt open. The tits are visible, but it is most likely a digital forgery. There are also a few other scenes worth mentioning...Cage fantasizes about her riding him on top and we see her shirt open enough to catch the side and bottom cut of her left tit. In another one she is doing orchid blow in a shirt that shows major pokies from her puppies. As she leans down for a few frames we see major cleavage and what may or may not have been her left nip. She is kinda sexy in this for an older chick.

Judy Greer
Chicago was written on November 25, 2004

1 brief scene

Others do a good job of reviewing this brief scene of Judy giving a clear frontal showing of both her smallish breasts at :30.32 for 14 frames (less than 1 sec.)

Omni was written on September 22, 2003

Very short but sweet

Judy shows us a quick but good clear view of her breasts from the front. She's only had small roles but has a cute quality about her. The nudity is a nice touch in this well-made movie.

Squinsen was written on May 30, 2003

Dream scene

Judy plays a waitress who waits on Nicholas Cage at a coffee shop he frequents. During a dream sequence she unbuttons her top to reveal her pale but shapely tits. She's a bit geeky looking, but still cute.

Luvmonk was written on June 28, 2003

Cute little skinny chick is always in the movie to flash for us

She has made quite a name for herself as the chick that flashes the ta ta's. Its like she's been typecasted as that type of character. I don't know. Anyway she is a waitress whome Cage fantasizes about and she opens her short briefly to get a good look at her little lovely breastages.

Ryan was written on December 8, 2002

Dream girl

Judy is the cute waitress who catches the interest of Charlie Kaufman as played by Nicolas Cage. In a dream sequence she leads him into a field and takes off her top, ever so briefly revealing her nice natural breasts.

Balrog was written on January 12, 2003

brief tits

in a dream scene, she bares her firm tits for some seconds.
for better nudity see: What Planet Are You From?

Chris Cooper
Ryan was written on December 8, 2002

Bares all

Surprisingly, near the end of the film, Cooper bares all in a love scene with Meryl Streep that is interrupted by a prying Nicolas Cage. As Cooper chases Cage out of the house his butt is clearly seen in several shots and frontal nudity is very very very briefly glimpsed a few times. Without still frame it's impossible to see much (or even know if he wasn't wearing a "sock"). If slightly goofy/slightly handsome middle aged character actors are your thing you'll dig this. Otherwise, see the flick for reasons other than nudity.

Nicolas Cage
indya was written on May 31, 2003

not bad

it is the worst movie i've seen in recent past.we should head to another planet to set new rules of nudity .what cage shows u in t6he movie is the least a nudity seekers could ask for

Ryan was written on December 8, 2002


Cage isn't really naked here but it appears he was on the set. As the "character" Charlie Kaufman he masturbates in several scenes and after one of them gets up off the bed obviously naked. However due to dark lighting and camera placement nothing is revealed. Later a far shot shows him sitting naked on a chair from the side. Cage also put on some weight for the film to fit the role. Fascinating movie.

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