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year title
2011 Apres le sud 1 Review
2010 L'Apollonide 0 Reviews
2007 Water Lilies 1 Review
2002 Les Diables 2 Reviews

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Apres le sud (2011)
Couthon was written on August 27, 2012

Naked in shower and after lovemaking

We get to see almost every inch of Adele's delectable young body in this film, where she plays Amelie, a poor supermarket cashier. First we see Adele's wet naked body as she steps out of the shower. She is tall with pale white skin, and her nubile body is curvy without being fat. We get great views of Adele's natural fleshy breasts, which are not large but flop and sag slightly more than would be expected for a 22 year old. She must have been cold, because the pale pink nipples and knobbly areolae crowning each of her breasts is erect. We next see Adele with her lover, as he buries his face into her soft breasts. After intercourse Adele lies naked in his lap, her thick coarse bush of brown pubic hair in full view between her thighs. Underneath her pubes we can make out the folds of her labia. As her lover caresses her, Adele raises an arm to reveal her armpit hair - like many French girls her body is natural and she does not shave. There is also an excellent view of her right breast sagging on her chest, her erect nipple proudly standing. In a final shower scene, we get a wonderful full frontal of Adele's delicious naked wet body, the water dripping off her thick dark bush of pubic hair and her pale floppy breasts.

L'Apollonide (2010)
Water Lilies (2007)
Ghostwords was written on October 1, 2011

No nudity, but sexual tension

At around 1:15;00, Florian (Ms Haenel) persuades her friend Marie (Pauline Acquart) to dispose of her hymen in order that her boyfriend not discover she's not sexually experienced as she'd claimed (ah, those topsy-turvy French attitudes towards sex...). She lies in bed, pulls a sheet over her lover half and then strips her clothes off under the sheet so that Marie can access her vagina. At the close, a tear rolls down from her right eye. Whilst there's no actual flesh on view, there is a palpable erotic tension throughout the scene. Of the three lead actresses (all playing 15 year-olds), Ms Haenel is easily the most glamorous.

Les Diables (2002)
Couthon was written on August 27, 2012

Autistic girl naked

Adele plays Chloe - an autistic girl who is chaperoned through life by her brother (Vincent Rottiers). Adele is frequently naked, a prelude to her enthusiasm for nudity in later films. First we see her walking full frontal naked through a dark hallway during a storm, lightning flashes occasionally highlighting her small pubescent breasts and hairless vulva. A little later she is playing splashing her brother in the water, her budding breasts jiggling around. Later, her brother pulls off her blouse to caress her plump sprouting breasts. Adele's young nipples are pink and incredibly puffy, and the director gives several close ups of them.

vizier was written on October 24, 2016

too dark but good anyways

with respect to the previous reviewer,her vulva is not hairless...in the stormy hallway scene you can clearly see pubes.

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