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Adjuster, The's Sexy Actresses

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Adjuster, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Jennifer Dale
rabba905 was written on December 9, 2004

Dark, but hot sex scene

Play with the settings on your TV and you can see Jennifer Dale's breasts and the side of her buns in a sex scene with Elias Koteas. Dale plays a woman who lost her home in a fire and Koteas is the adjuster working on her claim. Naturally, they end up in bed (she rides him) and they talk about her claim, groaning and moaning, while doing it.

911 was written on February 22, 2000

Dark But Lovely Breasts

45 minutes into the film. More of a dim silhouette view but such a lovely shape to her breasts while they jiggle around as she makes love (and discusses investments!) on top of Elias Koteas. Forget the age thing. Jennife Dale is as beautiful as ever!

Raoul Trujillo
Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 29, 2007

Delicious Native Booty! :D

I thought R. Trujillo was hot in "Apocalypto" so I was glad to hear he did a nude scene in this flick. Late in the movie, you see a black-and-white photo of him lying on a bed ass up. Even later, you see the main character sitting near him with his ass in color. His ass is curvy and firm, very delicious. If all Apaches look like him, I gotta move to the rez now!

Paul Bettis
hickeyfan was written on July 27, 2013

Barely anything

This is the wild man who is seen jacking off, at the window. Not sure if it was a penis, or a prop. He is seen for a second before he runs off, chased by Elias.

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