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Liz Vassey
Curmudgeon was written on February 10, 2003

Leather top, plus glued-on flames over breasts

No nudity, but this is as much skin as Liz Vassey has displayed to date.

First scene has Liz unconscious from being drugged by the villain. She's wearing her barbarian warrior clothes of leather top and brief skirt. Decent shots of cleavage, abs, legs, and right hip.

Then, when she's subject to the villain's mind control device, she's in a fantasy scene wearing a diaphanous skirt plus gold belt and flames covering her breasts. These flames appear to be glued on. Liz's nipples poke out the gold material. She briefly puts her arms up to shield her breasts from the view of the villain. Then the fantasy scene ends and she's back in the leather top, in a close-up, with the villain's mind probes at her temples.

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