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Kimi Katkar
12-string was written on October 21, 2003


Katkar is a typical 80s Bollywood babe, short and stacked; her train pulls a full-size caboose (jeez, am I channeling BushLeague!). About 37 mins into the pic she gets soaked in a jungle river while wearing a flimsy white dress with no bra. We get an unexpected look at barely veiled Bollywood nipples. Sequence is quite long with a few additional peeks (her dress is a lot wetter in closeups than in longer shots). Katkar plays "Rubi" (no Jane for this Tarzan). Tarz even takes an opportunity to feel her up while she's sleeping, and cops quite a few more during the musical numbers, suggesting that despite his pretty-boy looks he may be hetero. Katkar does another wet white dress sequence later in the film but has located her bra in the meantime, so the cheap peek quotient is pretty nil.

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