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Affair, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Scott, Kathleen 4 Reviews
Saalman, Raelyn 8 Reviews
Lombardi, Kim 2 Reviews
Goode, Nancy B. 1 Review
Bodnar, Jenna 2 Reviews
Blair, Kimberly 1 Review

Affair, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Potter, Will 2 Reviews
Newman, Robert L. 2 Reviews

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Kathleen Scott
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001

5 scenes, the most of the movie

Kathleen, who plays Raelyn's friend, is nude 5 times but is never fully nude, only a lot of breasts and some ass in skimpy underwear. At :32.75-:33, Kathleen is watching Raelyn with a guy from outside the room and she's fondling her breasts...5 seconds of viewing. At :50.25-:56.75, Kathleen takes off her bra in front of the guy revealing great shots of her small, pointy, triangular breasts/nipples. She walks around (downstairs, out to get firewood, builds a fire)...while a long scene and great views of her throughout, it's not continuous as there are some cutaways. At :58.25-1:03.25, she resumes as she does a sexy dance for the couple (again, not continuous but more than ample) topless, goes upstairs for a f/f with Jenna and then, as the scene picks back up at 1:04.25-1:05, goes to the guy for a f/m. Lots of good views of her but for more than half the time you were wishing Raelyn would have used up at least half her time!

Chicago was written on October 17, 2001

Add 1 to make it 6

I missed one from my earlier posting. At :38-:38.25, Kathleen takes off her top in the bathroom and moves toward a shower...breasts only from a medium distance...sorry NO full frontal.

DMan was written on August 7, 2000

A few scenes

I watched part of the movie again recently and got who's who straight. Ms.Scott has a few nude scenes in the movie. The first scene I remember is when she is watching Raelyn S. have sex with a guy. She starts to masturbate and rub her tits. Later, Raelyn and her are in their bathroom. Raelyn is drying herself off and they are talking. Ms.Scott takes her nighty off, pulls down her shorts and you see her full frontal. She then leaves to take a shower. And at the end of the movie, she goes to see the guy in Raeyln's place. She does little tasks for him dressed only in her panties and topless. Later on, the guy's "wife" comes home and Ms.Scott starts to dance for them. There may be more but I only caught these parts because of a thunderstorm.

fargalaxy was written on December 14, 2000


nude through the movie

Raelyn Saalman
DMan was written on November 8, 1999

Follow Up to My Last Review

First off I would like to make a correction on my last review. The girl outside watching the sex wasn't just fondling her breasts... She was having an orgasm!!! Also another great scene in this movie is when a woman is at this guy's house, she starts to have sex with him but then the guy makes her do some chores like taking off his shoes and carrying in firewood, during this time she's topless and only in her panties. If this woman or the woman I told about in the last review aren't the women for whom this review is about let me know.

Chicago was written on October 17, 2001

6 very short scenes, most early

While Raelyn is extremely hot (in an innocent way) and she has a number of scenes, the real viewable nudity is minimal...a real disappointment and in no way can get you 4*s. At :01.5-:03, Raelyn, a short cute girl with a great figure and natural largish breasts, has sex with her husband on the bed. There's a hint of her breasts, and then a distant shot of her breasts reflected in a mirror but all shots are short. At :12 Raelyn is playing a piano when her husband comes in and takes her top down; he grabs her all natural and fantastic breasts--medium distance and very short (7 sec.) At :16.25-:17.5, Raelyn is undressed (imagination sequence) by the couple, taking down her top, and then the scene cuts to her having standing sex partially behind a piano as Jenna watches and fondles herself; the shots again are short and mostly medium distance, but the standing shot where they undress her is sweet nonetheless as you see her naturals hang as she stands there. At :18.25, there's a brief breast flash. At :31, after a few drinks, Raelyn gives into the guy and her bra comes off giving the best (closer) views of her breasts yet. However, the nudity is sparse during this 2 min. scene as there are several cutaways. Finally, at 1:12.25, there's the best views of Raelyn but they only last 20 sec. as she sexes her husband and you see her breasts while lying back on the bed. VERY disappointing for amount of enjoyable nudity. She's hot and has nice natural breasts with larger than normal areola; hopefully, I'll see more of her in another movie.

getbizzy was written on October 17, 2001

the whole movie

Just wanted to make a correction to Chicago's review.In the edited version,which has been playing on Showtime lately,we do only see Raelyn's breasts.But in the unrated version,we do see full frontal.About five minutes into the movie we see a brief full frontal as she gets off the bed.About twenty minutes into the movie,in the scene Chicago mentioned where Jenna Bodner and another man are undressing her,we see full frontal nudity.In the edited version,it cuts away just as they're taking off her panties.In the "good" version,they take off her panties and we get an excellent full frontal shot-nice natural tits and a perfect bush.We get to see this for about ten seconds.Don't bother getting the movie unless you have the unrated version!

lookinatu was written on October 28, 2003

Perfect Tits

I think she has some of the greatest tits in the business. Natural looking, very nice shape, large aureolas (sp?). She has a great scene in this movie when she is riding a guy and her boobs are bouncing up and down. Very hot. She is naked many times in the movie. Make sure you see the unedited version.

john toshack was written on December 4, 1998

guzel bir sikis flmi

guzel sikismeler tatli bu kiza yaramis tas gibi kalcalari o uzun yarraklara nasil dayaniyor bilemem ama o kizi cok sikmek isterdim

bizzy was written on January 11, 1999

full frontal

There is an awesome scene where she is undressed by a man and woman and there is a great full frontal shot! We also see her breasts and nude throughout the movie.

ndt531 was written on October 24, 1999

Frontal Nudity

There really is a frontal nudity scene in this movie as described by the other reviewer. She some kind of a handyman or should I say handywoman in this movie and in one of her house calls, she was made to strip by a man and a woman and we can see her in all her naked glory but this scene is some kind of an imagination. But throughout the movie there are still other nudities. Great sex scenes and story.

DMan was written on November 6, 1999


I'm not sure but I think its her, she's having sex with this one guy,she is completely naked. You can see all of her. While she is having sex, her tits are bouncing up and down as another girl is watching from outside, occasionly fondling her breast. Tons of other nude scenes and a pretty good movie.

Kim Lombardi
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001


I have to disagree with the previous poster...Kim's nude in only one scene, the first. At :39, Kim goes into a bike shop, opens her jacket to show the guy a tatoo (and her breasts) as Raelyn then walks in on them. The scene is brief, you only see her left breast from a medium distance, the lighting is poor and she's not attractive. The other scene referred to, Kim keeps her bra on throughout and you don't see anything.

DMan was written on August 7, 2000

Two scenes I remember

This redhead shows her tits twice in this movie. The first time isn't that fantastic. She shows them once to a guy who's working on a motorcycle to show him her new tatoo. The lighting isn't that good but you can still see her tits.

Another time she is starting to make out with the guy and we again see her topless and see her panties as well. This is broken up by the guy's ex-girlfriend and he gets mad and leaves. The two ladies then start to kiss each other.

Nancy B. Goode
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001


Not nude. Don't know who did but she never should have been listed.

Jenna Bodnar
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001

2 VERY brief scenes

Jenna has a composite 60 seconds of nudity, and it's all breasts, no full frontal nudity. At :17.25-:17.5, during an imagination sequence, Jenna is seen sitting on a chair arousing herself while Raelyn and Jenna's husband are having sex; one of her breasts are seen for 15 sec. Her better scene comes at 1:02.5-1:03.25 during a f/f with Kathleen. As Jenna pulls her close to her you see her breasts very briefly and then some more decent shots of her full C-cups as Raelyn watches from outside on the ladder. Nothing spectacular though, and she looks kind of trashy in this. While this isn't her best nudity on film, she's kind of known for limited viewings. Catch her elsewhere.

getbizzy was written on October 17, 2001

all movie

Just wanted to make a correction to Chicago's previous review. In the unrated version,you do see full frontal nudity from Jenna. In the edited version,which has been playing recently on Showtime,you only see breasts. Her full frontal scene is about ten minutes into the movie. We see her walk into her room in front of two mirrors,only wearing a bath robe. She drops the towl to reveal her awesome body. We get a nice full body shot of her trim bush and wonderful breats. Great scene!

Kimberly Blair
Chicago was written on October 17, 2001


Not nude. Don't know who did but she never should have been listed.

Will Potter
Ozzie700 was written on July 24, 2002

Unrated Version

In addition to the closing scenes I previously reviewed, the unrated version has opening scenes (after a pan of every room in the house) of Will's pillowy cheeks thrusting as he makes love to his girlfriend.

Ozzie700 was written on September 10, 2001

Upper Buttocks

Part of his upper buttocks and hip can be seen from a distance in his sex scene toward the end of the film.

Robert L. Newman
Ozzie700 was written on July 24, 2002

Unrated Version

In addition to the 2 wonderful views of his perfect ass (which occur at around 51 minutes and an hour and 9 minutes), the unrated version has a brief rear as he's having sex in a fantasy (at 18 minutes), and a few rear shots and a view of his pubes and possible upper shaft at about 32 minutes, during another sex scene.

Ozzie700 was written on September 10, 2001

Full Rear

In the face he looks like a younger Wink Martindale, but he has a toned, furry chest, and a lush, full ass with pillowy, round cheeks. We're fortunate to see this a few times toward the end of the film, as he drops his robe to change into jeans, then as he drops his robe to be serviced by one of the ladies.

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