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Irène Jacob
lpz89 was written on April 9, 2003

Bedroom scene with Jean-Pierre Leaud

The ageing and somewhat raddled Leaud (alter-ego of Truffaut in his Antoine Doinel series) is picked up by Irene in a restaurant, taken back to her place and very nearly indecently assaulted. It's far-fetched, but we do get a great look at la Jacob's fantastic mammaries. They are full (D-cup?) and firm, and sit wonderfully above her tight waist. First-class viewing from an otherwise abysmal movie.

Anarkin was written on September 11, 2002

Irene's nice pair are back

I'm gonna be honest: i haven't see the movie yet, just the trailer and a good capture fo some topless scene. Lovely french lady Irène, a sexy franchise by her propension to do nude scenes in her films appears this time in some glorious, clear and nice topless scene, as she scream hysterically and taking off her bra to show her beautiful tits with small, pink nipples. Awesome (better than Incognito's topless... Are her tits bigger since then? seemed like that, to me), ever herself looks pretty hot with some wild look with messy (and slightly blonde) hair, far from her usual "intellectual" outfit.

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