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After Dark, My Sweet's Sexy Actresses

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Ward, Rachel 2 Reviews

After Dark, My Sweet's Sexy Actors

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Patric, Jason 3 Reviews

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Rachel Ward
Acci was written on June 21, 1999

Sex Scene

Rachel has a Sex scene with Jason Patrick. You can catch a glimpse of pubic hair as her shortsare being pulled down. A nice look at her naked back (as if we care). Then her right breast and nipple barely peek out. Puase/slow mo needed for all but it is well lit. If you absolutly have to see her naked. This is your film. The negative is that you also have to look at Jason Patricks Ass. Good flick too.

thedoc was written on June 5, 2001

Bedroom Scene

Lousy, lousy, lousy. You can really see nothing in this scene and this movie is lousy. Don't rent unless you want to fall asleep real fast.

Jason Patric
murray was written on September 20, 1998

love scene

It's hard to get a 4-star rating without showing dick, but Patric's love scene here sticks with you long after the movie's over. Maybe it's the angle of the camera as he crawls on top of her, or because you can see part of his nice-looking balls between his legs, but it's something worth renting and seeing a few times.

misty_rose was written on December 23, 2004

Very nice butt shot

In a GREAT overhead shot, he drops his pants and climbs on top of Rachel Ward, showing his fine ass in broad daylight. They then have sex, and the camera continually cuts back to the same angle as we see him hump her. His balls can slightly be seen between his legs, as well.

cythera4 was written on December 26, 2004

nice hairy ass

And Jason has a nice furry buttcrack too. You can almost see up into it. Very tasty. Too bad he's lost the hair on his head. Maybe he can do some hairplugs from his asscrack!

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