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Christina Ricci
ueto00 was written on July 19, 2010

Change to revview right before mine

Real quick, the review before mine is very thorough and detailed, so for info on the when and where it is a great guide. But it is misleading in terms of the talk of CGI. I work in film and no one in the world CGI's tits. What in done in the film to cover up tattoos (which happens ALL THE TIME) is make up is used to cover them. And to comment on the lighter nipples, that is a result of the lighting and color scheme used on Ms. Ricci in the film to make her look pale white because she is supposed to be dead. By changing her entire skin to to a lighter hue, this would also effect the color of her nipples. Color correction changes everything, so don't believe someone's skin tone in a film is exactly that in real life, it is ALL based on lighting and color correction.

It's all her in the film, no body double and she looks great. Check it out.

scanman was written on August 2, 2010

Above reviewer writes nonsense!

There;s CGI used with the bloody scenes, but the rest is absolutely NOT CGI. So just forget all the nonsense the other guy is writing. This is by far Christina's best nudity!

dav345 was written on August 6, 2010

mostly just boobs

First of all, I will say that Christina is beautiful and I'd love to see everything she's got. That said, you aren't going to find that in this movie. As for the reviewer who said the nudity is all CGI, I don't agree - there is one shower scene that clearly has CGI boobs due to a scar on her chest as she holds her beating heart, but that was the only CGI nudity I could detect. Her breast nudity is real, other than that one scene. However, breast nudity is all you really get in this movie, and, quite frankly, breasts bore me. There is a LOT of breast nudity, very gratuitous breast nudity, from Ms. Ricci, and she is fully nude for a good portion of the movie, but the scenes are always shot in such a way that you see no butt crack or crotch whatsoever. The director is trying to give people the sense that they are seeing more nudity than they actually are - so you'll see lots of reviews of this movie stating that Christina is "fully nude", "very naked", etc. Don't buy it. I was excited when I started watching this movie because I thought I would at least get to see her tiny heiny. No such luck. There is one very brief, poorly lit butt shot that lasts for about half a second in very dim lighting and could be a butt double; and there are not crotch shots at all. If you like boobs - big, succulent, well-lit, pink nippled boobs - and you like the absolutely beautiful Ms Ricci - then this movie is for you. But don't buy into the the hype that she is fully nude or that she shows her butt. That doesn't happen, and probably never will. Which is a shame, because Christina is a piece of art that should be shared with the world. Maybe it's not her fault - maybe she wants to show it all and they edit it out for the prudish American audience - but, nonetheless, it's a shame.

Dudester was written on April 13, 2010

CGI Nudity-Truly Disappointing

Several years ago, when Christina covered her entire right breast with a tatoo of a bluebird, I remarked on the board here that she had really screwed her marketability-unless the director was willing to invest in CGI. Well,the director of After.Life did invest in CGI. The first reason I know this is because Christina is a walking advertisement for Tatoo Magazine, with tats on her shoulders, ankles, back, and breast. We see all but Chistina's crotch in this flick, and no sign of a tat. Now on the other CGI stuff. Christina's first nudity is at the three minute mark. This is the only scene where you actually see Christina's real breasts and nipples. Christina's nipples are brown-the same shade of chocolate pudding. The nipples we see after the three minute mark are both the wrong color (light tan) and wrong configuration (someone else's nipples). Christina has a quick topless scene at the 45 minute mark. At one hour, she's finally fully nude (hold on poonhounds, no bush). We see about five minutes of full nudity between the 60 and 75 minute mark. We see her ass twice and get to see those CGI tits bountiful times in that 15 minute span. We see her face and breasts in the same shot, but at one point, you can actually see the "photoshop" lines where they cut and paste someone else's breasts on her. If you don't mind CGI nudity, and you're a Ricci fan, get the DVD when it comes out. Sad, sigh.

Pieman was written on April 30, 2014

Breasts (a lot) and buttocks and a whole lotta skin

She's nude, they're wonderful. The CGI wounds are distracting and obvious, and I can see stuff through makeup...I'm assuming a tat or two. But she's got nice breasts and a very nice ass, so it's all good as far as I'm concerned.

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