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Mili Avital
ut1stgear was written on December 9, 2011

Nude through netting

I am impressed with Mili's ability to act. I first saw her in an episode of Law and Order intent and she is able to play

different types of characters with seeming ease. I actually really liked this movie for many reasons. The plot, screen

play, directing and acting are top-notch all the way around. I am more impressed with her upper torso assets and would

welcome more nude roles by her.

At 00:43:41 after saving Benjamin durng an ill-fated attempt to salvage from a wrecked ship Mili is on board his boat and

she has a green dress that has become wet and transulent. Her brown nipples are visible through the wet dress. There are

several nice pokie shots of her throughout the movie also. While salavaging the same boat that sunk in a vicious storm at

00:55:11 Mili and Benjamin Bratt are alone on his boat. After some romantic talk and a kiss Benjamin removes her top,

lifting it straight over her head. Although somewhat obscured by netting there is a clear look at both of her breasts with

the prominent feature being her erect nipples. She has full B to small C size breasts. It is a close/medium range shot

but her nipples are in full detail through the netting. Her nipples are visible for about 9secs therefore earning 2 stars

from me. The rest of the scene, although many opportunities are there, doesn't reveal anything more or again. At 01:15:00

there is another nude scene when Mili is playing dressup and removes her dress. She turns around but her hands are

conveniently covering her breasts.

In a bedroom scene at 00:08:47 Benjamin is near a mirror and reflected in that mirror is a woman. The outline of her left

breast is visible although not well defined with her leg blocking a full view of her breast and no nipple is shown. This

is Simone-Elise Girard. The nudity would only rate a 1/2 star though and that only because it is definitely a breast below

the top rail of the footboard. Since I have not earned the priviledge of adding actresses could someone check it out and

add her to this movie since there are no other movies with her in this database.

nudedude was written on May 29, 2001

Brief Topless

Since I believe this is her first nude scene it rates two stars. She is seen briefly topless behind some sheer mesh.

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