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Lara Flynn Boyle
lattara was written on March 18, 2001

Far too short

Lara looks great throughout this movie and several of her outfits cling to her breasts attractively, but.... the total screen time of the sex scene is less than 20 secs, it's intercut with scenes showing the other main characters, and Lara's breasts are visible for only about a quarter of the scene. When we see them they're wet, pink-tipped and perky, but it takes freeze-frame to really appreciate this scene - without it it's too short to really be recommended except for completists. (Of course, all sensible people should want to be Lara completists...)

Cyclone was written on February 17, 2000

In the tub

She has a very dull sex scene in the hot tub where you see the side of one breast and a brief glimpse of nipple. Nothing to get excited about.

oldbabe was written on April 2, 2002

It was the pool

Lara has got a superb trim body but alas the scene is a bit too brief. Fooling around with Nick Nolte in some of indoor pool. Part of both her breasts and nipples can be seen. As mentioned, can be a lot better.

Jomyboy was written on August 10, 2000

wet breasts

I think this scene deserves to be given a lot more stars !!!! u dont find lara nude in many movies .. so i guess all those fans desperately needing to see her breasts should watch this one .. itz a very small scene with her on the tub... check out the smooch scene .. she does know how to kiss good .. that is for sure ;-)

Solo was written on October 25, 1998

Hot Tub

Very good sex scene with Nick Nolte in the hot tub, where you can see her breasts.

axl was written on November 6, 1999

In tub

Lara is seen jerking aroud in a hot tub while making love to Nick Nolte. She momenterily jerks out of the tub and you see her breasts.

Alphonse was written on June 19, 2000

wet breasts

She's a lot more naked in Road to Wellville, but this is still pretty good. She's having sex with Nick Nolte in a hot tub, and her breasts come out of the water a few times. Her tits are terrific, of course (it's before she went psycho-waif on The Practice). The movie isn't half-bad either.

Chicago was written on May 5, 2003

2 quick flashes

As other reviewers describe, Lara Flynn is seen in an indoor pool kissing Nolte. At :47:10-:47:19, part of her right breast becomes unobscured for 2 sec. At :47:45-:47:47, both her breasts with semi-erect nips are viewable above the waterline. This one requires a fast finger on the pause button to make it last long enough to have watched.

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