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Natalia Tena
Ozzie700 was written on December 13, 2009

Breasts in sex scene; Episode: Mirrorball

Natalia has a hoarse voice and a sort of slightly exotic look. In the fifth episode of the second (and last) series, Natalie plays a college student who is driven to become sexually aggressive. She takes another student back to her room and yanks his clothes off, then rides him, clearly enjoying herself, yet not quite knowing what is going on. It's an unsettling but hot scene. You see a few decent glimpses at her breasts.

george754 was written on January 13, 2012

Breasts and butt in sex scene

During the whole sex scene in episode "Mirrorball" Tena's breasts constantely appear to the camera from time to time. In one sequence, as Natalia is on top of the guy, you can see a side view of her butt, which is not quite small...

Cara Horgan
tickledick was written on October 1, 2005

Episode 1

Nice view of her breasts in the bath. She has committed suicide. Partial breast during attempts to revive her, in the hospital. I have not seen the whole episode. I have not seen episode 2.

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