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Rachel Ward
Spice_Girl was written on May 21, 2006

No clear nudity

Ms. Ward shows a lot of skin in this movie, but there was no actual nudity from what I could see. She looked great back then, so I don't why she didn't show more.

Nickel was written on February 29, 2000

No real nudity, but plenty of skin

There are several very passionate love scenes between Ward and Bridges in this film. In the first one they are laying in a hammock talking and you can see a lot of skin and very briefly see to top of Ward's butt. In more heated scene, the two are making love in a cave and again you can see plenty of skin but no nudity, Jeff's arms are covering her breasts. I wish she would have shown more, but she looks lovely all through the film so her fans won't want to miss it anyway.

WickedSceptor was written on March 5, 2001

Sex in Cave/DVD Deleted Scene

Sex In Cave scene -

On track 16 on the DVD there is the famous sex scene involving Rachel Ward and co-star Jeff Bridges in a cave. There is no actualy nudity as far as N.A.B. (N.A.B. = nipples, ass, bush) but Rachel is getting nailed by the Big Lebowski and she is lying on a hard rock-like surface. She is crying during the scene which some of you sickies might find cool. This scene is okay but not much in the moan department. The step-dad from Webster shows up and ruins everything.

DVD Deleted Scene-

There is a deleted scene on the DVD in which James Woods shows up in Mexico and right at the end of the scene Rachel is lying nude on the beach and is suntanning. You see her whole body but it's not the greatest shot. She does...excuse me...did have a great body.

You should get the movie because Rachel is wearing a lot of short shorts and a red bikini ala Baywatch. She looks really good in the film and her breasts seem to be extra big for some reason. Implants??? Maybe...

FilmCritic was written on June 15, 2004

Added Notes To Wicked Sceptor's Review

On my DVD version, the sex scene begins on track 13, at 1:01:55. Although they try to cover her breasts, at 1:01:56, to the right of her right wrist, it appears the lower portion of her right breast is exposed and, as Jeff moves down to kiss her chest, a nipple is briefly exposed. It's hard to tell, as on 1:02:00, the upper portion of her right breast is amazingly raised up, causing me to wonder if perhaps it is her left arm, not her breast, that was shown to the right of her right wrist - I'm wondering if perhaps she had her left arm underneath her breast, so that she could push it up to make it look bigger, as her right breast is as big as it is when she's standing up, defying the law of gravity. Then at 1:02:06, it appears her right breast falls back down as it did in 1:01:56. At 50:46, she gets her see-though dress and panties completely wet and it appears you may see her bush for about 15 frames, but her nipples are not visible. As for the deleted scene, a girl walks along the beach and you can clearly see her bush. Problem is you can't see her face, so who knows if it's Rachel or a body double. Since I can't tell what is real, I'm only giving it one star.

Jeff Bridges
Spice_Girl was written on May 21, 2006

Just a unclear rear shot, but he loots great here.

Jeff's only real nude scene here is one dark and distant view of his ass, which is really disappointed considering the erotic nature of this film. It's still worth watching, because he looks great here. I've never seen him so muscular before. He has really great nipples too. Just thought I'd mention that.

Nickel was written on February 29, 2000

Dark and distant brief view of rear

Bridges is making love with Ward in a cave and you can briefly see his butt as he lies on top of her, but it's too dark and distant. Bridges does, however look very good in the film's numerous shirtless scenes. He must have been really working out!

jeff's love slave was written on September 23, 1998

Post-sex -- frontal

All you see is his bush peeking out at us from Rachel Ward's arm, but it's still jeffy's bush!!!

europa female was written on September 29, 1998

when he´s with Rachel , making love in the cave.

his ass is a dream

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