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2000 Girl, The 2 Reviews

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Girl, The (2000)
MrKeithTalent was written on March 19, 2002

lesbian perfection

Claire Keim is one of the most happenning actresses out there (in terms of on-screen nudity). Once again she lets it all hang out, and mark my words, there is a lot of good stuff hanging out. The plot plays around an androgynous girl, who has a hot lesbian affair by the character played by our Ms.Keim. Despite hot hot lesbian love scenes, Ms.Keim is viewed in several stages of undress. Her ample and sturdy boobs are manipulated, kissed, nipples squeezed by her lover. There are several views, her lying down, standing up, bending over, gravity test. Its all there. The piece de resistance is her climbing the top of a staircase and stripping down in all her full frontal glory. Big boobs, slim waist, lovely face, and ample ample french style bush! Lord have mercy!

TranslucentShield was written on March 12, 2002


Agathe De La Boulaye plays the androgynous main character of the French-American film "The Girl." In the film, she has sex with "the girl" several times, but this actress exposes very little. Maybe to reflect her androgyny? Or maybe because she's shy? Either way, it wasn't anything I, personally, was looking forward to.

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