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Age of Consent's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Mirren, Helen 9 Reviews
Kaye-Mason, Clarissa 2 Reviews

Age of Consent's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

MacGowran, Jack 2 Reviews

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Helen Mirren
TheFan was written on January 3, 2001

Topless posing and nude swimming

Here's something you don't see every day: one of the most talented and respected living actresses turns out to have had a body that could stop traffic when she was twenty. This is a seriously voluptuous young woman in a must-see performance. Her breasts alone are worth the price of the rental, but she also has a magnificent butt. Highest recommendation.

Dudester was written on March 28, 2003

Beach girl poses for artist

According to imdb.com, Helen was 23 when she played the teenage character in this movie. As other reviewers said, her figure is a lot like Kate Winslet's is today. Her tits reminded me of Suzanne Somers, hanging D cuppers. 11:40-in wet C-thru dress. 46:00-briefly seen tits in a scratched up cracked mirror. 47:20 brief nude while seen in front of the mirror, only from a much different angle. Extremely brief look at her snatch. 52:45-seen swimming nude underwater several times. You see her tits and butt clearly, but hard to distinguish anything else. 1:17:20-posing nude outside on the beach on a bright sunny day. You see her large tits and butt several times. The surprise was when she waded in from the water to get dressed. It appeared that Ms. Mirren, while not completely shaved, had certainly trimmed down her pubes. Surprising for that time as once (1960's) during the movie we can see that her character had unshaved armpits and hairy legs.

Harker was written on October 20, 1999

nude scene in mirror

At least, I -think- it was in the mirror. The point is, there -are- pubes to be seen in this scene, even though it's fast. Mirren is nude throughout much of this movie, and for those of you who are used to her as the distinguished older actress, she was -young- here. Full, ample figure, definitely no Kate Moss. This one is on cable every now and again, and is worth the view.

ConstantReader was written on November 11, 2002

One of my all-time favorite nude scenes.

You can't do any better than this. Helen, a marvelous actress, has an incredible body, and in this movie you get to lovingly watch every inch of it. As other reviewers have said, she was very voluptous, more like Kate Winslett than Kate Moss, but...wow. Too much nudity to describe in detail, just see the damn thing.

icebag2 was written on September 13, 2009

Posing on the beach

Yes, Helen’s figure is the definition of voluptuous. What the other reviewers miss, though, is an area of her body little appreciated because it is so rare - the flat expanse of abdomen between two widely spaced hips. You see it when she takes off her dress to pose naked, from the hips up, in the water. That tableau of flesh makes you think primeval thoughts. Big tits are nearly a dime a dozen, but this belly, this is what turns our brains to oatmeal and invites us to get down to basics. Incredible.

braine was written on August 4, 1999

topless etc

Helen is seen nude on a beach and in a splendid underwater scene. No pubes, but plenty of time spent on those great tits

mcgannic was written on August 7, 2012

Lots of great nudity

The Queen of British Tv and film, Dame Helen, who has stripped off in so many roles over her long career stars with James Mason here.
There are plenty of scenes where we get to see her beautiful tits and bum and it's great to see her young flesh here as I've seen her older in many movies.

A great scene of her standing in the sea water as James Mason paints her and we see her lovely bum just above the water.

Ghostwords was written on December 11, 2012

Artist's model

There are several scenes in this movie where the slightly feral Cora (Ms Mirren) is shown partially or fully nude, first hinted at when we first see her, circa 0:15:00, standing on a dock in a wet dress, nipples clearly visible through the thin material. Some 40 minutes later, a guy makes a pass at her, pulling at her dress and exposing her right thigh.

Around 01:00:00, she strips out of her dress, initially holding her hands over her breasts, but then looking at them in a cracked mirror (no bush that I saw). She's shown kneeling on the floor, showing full left nudity and then the upper part of her butt.

Five minutes later, she's swimming underwater, pokies obvious through her dress. James Mason persuades her to get naked, and we see full rear nudity, then her breasts, side nudity (left and right) and finally full frontal nudity from a distance (including bush).

Circa 01:30:00, she's posing, up to her waist in the water. Once again, she's persuaded to remove her dress. We see her back and the top two-thirds of her butt, then her breasts (at first from a distance, then twice in close-up). All of her butt is exposed as she throws away the stick she was holding, then swims off (full rear nudity under the water). As she exits the sea, we see her right side, including her right breast in profile and the briefest glimpse of bush, then several views of full rear nudity, first as she examines her portrait, then as she runs off down the beach.

Her dress gets wet again around 01:42:00, plastered to her breasts and butt, at which point she jumps on Mason and the titles roll.

Although she's playing a teenager (hence the title), Ms Mirren was around 23 when this was shot, her first major role.

blankblong was written on May 10, 2009

Underwater Scene

There are many scenes but a very good scene is the underwater scene. Plenty of views of Mirren's very solid booty. The view, even though underwater, is as clear as can be, may as well have been on land. You don't see her breasts that well in this scene, but there is an exquisite scene of her posing knee deep in the ocean. She really is built extremely well, I think she was going to be the Australian Bardot or something.

Clarissa Kaye-Mason
Profnudity was written on April 28, 2001

In bed

Clarissa is seen in bed with her real life husband early in the film. You can see her breasts, and when she leans foreward you can almost see her thatch.

Ghostwords was written on December 11, 2012

Lazing in bed

Just past the 10-minute mark, Meg (Ms Kaye-Mason) sits up in bed and crawls forward, very briefly exposing her breasts as she leans over (didn't spot her nipples); we also see her left side (including most of her left breast). She's then pulled back under the sheets by James Mason, whom she married two years later.

Jack MacGowran
Christoph was written on February 13, 2001

Comic nudity

Briefly comic scene as a friend of the leads is skinnydipping and his dog gets into a fight with an old lady's dog. He is forced to exit the water naked and retrieve his dog and skamper away. A few buns shots, but MacGowran is not exactly centerfold material.

Ghostwords was written on December 11, 2012

Skinny dip

Circa 01:10:00, we see full rear nudity as the middle-aged Nat (MacGowan) walks into the sea. Realising he's been spotted, he reluctantly comes out of the water, shielding his genitals with a large shell. We see two brief additional shots of rear nudity as he runs down the beach and dodges into a friend's cabin.

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