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Trudy Young
moonshines was written on November 4, 2007

Topless left nipple

Trudy is seen in bed after having sex with the male actor and I had to toggle my tv screen to see it. The scene is of her left smooth red nipple -(puffy I think but this was a long time ago and memory may not serve me that well but I do think she has puffies.) - which can be made out for a second or so. Trudy was quite busy doing work for CBC television in Canada in the early seventies and appeared in many of the CBC's productions in those days and was considered quite the Canadian icon at the time! She may also have appeared nude in "The Grapedealer's Daughter" but I have been unable to yet see that film.

Honor Blackman
moonshines was written on August 3, 2002

Honor Blackman in lengthy topless scene

Miss Blackman is undressing in her room while conversing with her servant who is downstairs. She takes her top and bra off and mentions something about the imprint of a lovers fingertips making an indentation called 'crowsfeet' around a ladies nipples, all of which we can see her demonstrating! She calls out for her servant to bring her another drink and when he brings it to her he doesn't bother to knock on her bedroom door which was slightly ajar anyways but instead walks in while her breasts are exposed. She quickly covers up and is slightly pisssed at him and says something to the effect that it's improper for a man to make advances on a lady while she is dressing but a different matter entirely when she is undressing.
The viewer gets a good unobstructed look at her breasts from all tit level angles for what must be over a minute at least and in my mind her breasts were in very good shape indeed! Easily worth the rental price for sure.

jacobite was written on February 27, 2000

toppless scene

walking around ( drunk) in her bedroom topless for quite a while, good look at the ( VERY good ) goodies

judy was written on May 4, 2002

nude dancing

Great breasts.
But I don't urge you to see her old face..

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