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year title
1997 Assignment, The 2 Reviews
1994 Blink 2 Reviews
1990 Handmaid's Tale, A 0 Reviews
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan 4 Reviews
1984 Reckless 4 Reviews

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Assignment, The (1997)
lovesmen was written on July 17, 2004

aidan's sexy body

aidan has aged very well, looking nice and tanned and toned, shows off his bare backside again, while standing at window. also nice chest shots too.

Macy was written on January 7, 1999

Scene in front of window - backside

Good long view of Aidan's behind. Great buns...

Blink (1994)
sandman was written on September 23, 1998


You see the top half of his butt when he pulls down part of his boxers when he is doing a striptease in front of a blind woman

Ozzie700 was written on January 28, 2003

Making us smile

Near the start of the film, Aidan is in a bar with his cop buddies and they egg him on to make the woman playing the violin (she's blind, which they don't realize) smile. Aidan happily obliges, and sprints out to the dance foor, singing, dancing, yelling. She still doesn't look or smile at him, so he begins pulling off his clothes. First his jacket, then his tie (he whips that back and forth between his legs...lucky tie), his shirt, undershirt (revealing his toned and carpeted chest), and finally after a few cuts to other people's reactions, he's wearing only boxers. He starts flashing his supple cheeks as he pulls down the back of his skivvies over and over. The scene ends around this time, and afterwards we learn that he went full monty ("he gave a real anatomy lesson"). Still, you can't be disappointed at what the viewers were allowed to see. Aidan is rougher looking here than in his Reckless heyday, but he's still a mighty sexy and charismatic presence.

Handmaid's Tale, A (1990)
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Derek was written on December 25, 1999

After sex

Quinn runs around the apartment after he and Rosanna Arquette have sex as they think they have an intruder. We only see side glimpses of his bare ass.

mcjw2011 was written on March 10, 2003

Buns in bedroom scene

In a scene early in the film, after Aidan has slept with Rosanna Arquette, they hear a strange noise and Aidan gets up from the bed, briefly revealing his whitish ass before he wraps a towel around his waist. Later in the scene, he bangs a guy on the head and his towel falls off his waist and Aidan bends down, revealing his ass again (you need to have the slo-mo ready, it's quite brief). Use the pause button at the right moment, and you can pause and savor Aidan's somewhat diminished, but squeezable ass.

hickeyfan was written on June 7, 2013

A very brief butt

Shows his butt very briefly when he gets up from his bed and wraps a towel.

babon was written on January 29, 2000

Just a brief glimpse

Gets up from bed

Reckless (1984)
babon was written on January 1, 2000

A few scenes

Distant shots making love to Darryl HannahIn the bedroom, close of dick and ballsIn a shower clear frontal

Samuel was written on October 5, 1998

Two scenes, in showers and in bedroom

Any Quinn fan should definitley see this film. He's looking at his best in this , one of his earlier roles. In one scene he's completely nude in the shower seen from the side and you see his buns and his dick. The second scene is the best. He and Daryl Hannah are awoken in the bedroom by her parents. Quinn rushes to hide in another room. It's quite rushed but as he gets off the floor you see his dick flopping about and quite close up. As he runs out of the bedroom you get a great shot of his buns!! This is a great scene.

ajb was written on February 20, 1999

In the shower and running out of the room naked

As far as big star nudity goes, this is the full monty. We see a head to toe look at Mr. Quinn while he is showering in the gym. His penis is a nice size and is very in shape. Later on, after he has just screwed Daryl Hannah, she pushes him out of the room to hide from her mother and you get a good view of his but and his penis flopping around before he covers it up with a blanket.For Aidan Quinn fans, this is a must-see.

WileyPark was written on December 25, 2009

Great Ass

Aidan Quinn has two nude scenes in this 80s teen drama. First, after he and Daryl Hannah have sex in their school's basement, there is a distant high-angle shot of him waking up and discovering that she is gone. There's a good view of his ass as he lies on his stomach, and as he sits up he just avoids a frontal view.

Later, when Hannah's mother comes home, he frantically makes his way out of her bedroom naked. There's a brief but fairly close shot of his penis flopping as he stands up, and a fantastic shot of his ass as he runs out. Best of all, as he reaches the door, he bends over to pick up his shirt and gives us a quick view of his penis dangling between his legs!

Note: The DVD available from the Warner Bros. website is in matted widescreen and crops out the frontal view of Quinn in the shower that previous posters have mentioned.

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