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Juliet Stevenson
malocao was written on December 13, 2002

Legs spread to camera

Juliet gets out of bed naked. The camera position is below the foot of the bed, so we see her pussy completely as she swings her legs across. Quick but clear.

tazzie was written on October 2, 1999

almost caught by husband with lover

She is in bed with her lover/boarder when herhusband returns home unexpectedly. They lay on thebed being very quiet hoping he won't find them - thewhole time her breasts are on show. When her husbandleaves, she decides to call it off and leaps outof bed giving us a lovely view of her hairy pussy.

SexDungeonMaster was written on October 6, 2010

Full spread-eagle shot

Juliet Stevenson appears in a somewhat graphic sex scene in this film, though no penetration is shown. Her breasts and nipples are seen several times. After another character walks up to the door to the bedroom her and her lover are in, they stop immediately and wait for that person to leave, which he eventually does. In the next shot, Stevenson climbs out of bed and briefly opens her legs, exposing her hairy vulva. Her buttocks are also briefly seen as she puts panties on.

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