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Florence Thomassin
Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Very good nude scenes

She is definitively the hottest girl of the team. Florence plays Jeanne, a young wife turned into a part-time hooker, so we can see her totally naked several times in this movie; when she takes away her clothes in front of a client or when she sensually walks out of the shower completely nude in front of her friends (great secuence with the three actresses naked in a bathroom). the frontal shots are good quality and shows very clearly her nice breast, ass and bush. If this is not good enough for you, the role she plays demands strong attitude and erotic explicit language, which makes this film very exciting... Great Movie!

Marine Delterme
scanman was written on September 17, 2004

Big Disappointment!

The other reviewer probably isn't used to nudity in movies. The nudity in this movie is all very brief. Nothing to get excited about

Winchester was written on October 16, 1999

Plenty of sex

This is a great french movie about three young women and his sexuality, women will love this film not only by the plot, but also there are many male nude frontal shots along it. In her role of Marie, Marine plays an nymphoid woman, so we can see her having sex completely nude many times, particullary enjoyable is the scene where she is lying nude with two men in bed and a bandage covering his eyes; In a close up of her abdomen we can see very clearly her breasts and genital because her legs are spread to the camera. Later are more frontal shots of her and a rape scene.

Amira Casar
Winchester was written on October 17, 1999


At this movie, her character is the most inhibited of the group, and her attitude is more passive than her audacious friends; so we can understand why Amira's nude scenes are more artistic than erotic, but seeing her totally naked and being covered in paint is very exciting, after all. This movie is a must-see for female nudity lovers.

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