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Matthew Goode
Mortie was written on June 26, 2014

Pretty boy -- sadly, the nudity is quite brief

Goode is a very pretty young actor, with Adonis-like fair features, smooth chest, and a trim figure.

The best flash of frontal nudity comes at 1:24:15, when Goode's character is dancing naked (to a grammophone record) with his girlfriend.

From the brief glimpses available in this movie, his penis appears to be uncircumcised, and somewhat larger than average. His backside is flatter than one might hope for, but very attractive nonetheless.

Also worth noting are:

1:01:50 - bedroom scene with girlfriend (very clear rear nudity but no frontal)

1:05:18 - bathing in river with girlfriend (no real nudity)

1:07:00 - bedroom scene with girlfriend (in boxer shorts)

1:08:45 - ocean skinnydipping scene with girlfriend and another couple (good rear nudity but no explicit frontal)

1:24:55 - bedroom scene with girlfriend (in boxer shorts)

1:27:00 - continuation of bedroom scene with girlfriend (in boxer shorts)

Flamefire was written on June 23, 2010

full frontal

quick flash of full frontal

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