Sceaux, Seine [now Hauts-de-Seine], France

Alain Delon's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1976 Monsieur Klein 1 Review
1973 Shock Treatment 1 Review
1968 Girl on a Motorcycle 0 Reviews

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Monsieur Klein (1976)
donby was written on July 18, 2004

Rear shot, getting out of bed and putting on his dressing gown.

Alain Delon is thin, not an ounce of fat anywhere. Reflective firelight makes for a beautifully-photographed, though brief, scene. No frontal.

This Kafka-esque French movie meanders and takes it's own sweet time to get to the fantastic and unsatisfying ending. Rent only if you like movies with all questions and no answers.

Shock Treatment (1973)
Christoph was written on July 18, 2000

Full frontal skinnydip

Sexy French actor plays a psychiatrist walking along the beach, who is coerced into joining a group of patients in a skinnydip. He was definitely in his prime here and shows everything. Ooh la la!

Girl on a Motorcycle (1968)

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