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year title
1976 First Nudie Musical, The 1 Review
1972 All-American Girl, The 0 Reviews

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First Nudie Musical, The (1976)
MisterTeas was written on October 22, 2007

Brief frontal and a little something extra

I found this goofy, furry actor to be quite attractive! A montage shows Alexandra Morgan (dressed as a dominatrix) ripping his clothes off; he's down to bikini briefs and faints dead away before she can get further--but he's sporting a very noticeable erection as he falls. Later he's in bed with Morgan, tickling her with a flower and talking incessantly ("Hey...far out..."), and providing a brief but very welcome full frontal shot as she shoves him out of bed. He's very hairy and sexy in a '70s lothario kind of way, but only 2 stars for the brevity of the shot.

All-American Girl, The (1972)

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