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1970 Catch-22 2 Reviews

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Catch-22 (1970)
Derek was written on January 4, 2000

Showing up for military duty

Arkin plays the classic Yossarian in the too arty film version of the great novel. Arkin shows up for active duty buck naked to convince everyone he is crazy. We see his bare butt in broad daylight. In another scene he is sitting naked in a tree, but the nudity there is more suggested.

Mark_Mcgrath32 was written on December 6, 2002

Unexpected (and long) rear shot

The only true nudity that occurs on Alan's part is a rear scene where he receives a medal from Orson Wells's General completely naked. Why completely naked? Well, in the words of Alan Arkin's Yossarian, it's because "I don't wanna." It's a very long scene, and while Arkin isn't good looking in the traditional sense, over the year's he's proven himself quite charming, with his gruff voice and warn personality. So while some may even be turned off by Arkin's nudity, real fans will find this to a be fitting nude scene, although it's Arkin's only.

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