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Kate Capshaw
rbelkin was written on October 30, 2006

No Nude Scene But She's Definitely a Double-D These Days

Not nude, but earlier in the movie, she is wearing a tight purple top that reveals exactly how large (and saggy) her breasts are these days - they are massive. There is also a scene where she's in a purple silk teddy but it's dark and she bends over slightly on the other side of the room - you get some sway & some cleavage - a little sexier but clearly the wife of Steven Spielberg is not going to really give us anything ...

espy was written on December 7, 1999


I saw this movie on HBO. There is no nudity, but there is a very hot scene for Kate Capshaw fans. She is standing on a table changing a light bulb. Her boyfriend walks up, puts his head under her dress, pulls down her panties and starts mowing the lawn. Very very hot! I gave it three stars because it's Kate.

oldbabe was written on January 7, 2002

Don't be alarmed

Kate is grade A in sexual attractiveness. Her beautiful 45 year-old shape was in great form throughout the movie. She was cute and adorable even at that age. The bulb change scene was completely stimulating. BUT this is not a nude scene. This review shouldn't be here at all - I was grossly devastated that there was nothing more of Kate's great established body to be shown.

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