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Alicia Lagano
Ghostwords was written on September 1, 2012

Flash &cash

Ms Lagano plays Melody, one of four students researching rural culture and myth. She and her friend Brian hear of a local legend, an 'albino farm', and ask three of the town residents for directions. The price: $20 and a flash of her breasts (the original fee was $25 and a chance to "feel her up"). She reluctantly agrees and raises her top: the first shot lasts about two seconds, the second around one second. It should be noted that her face is not in frame, which is kinda odd given the set-up, but there's no indication of a body double in the cast list.

Ghostwords was written on September 1, 2012

Body double?

Okay, here are the breasts which allegedly belong to Ms Lagano. As you can see, her face is not in shot, when it could so easily be. Result: the usual suspicions, at least until she does it again and we have a baseline for comparison.

Bianca Barnett
Ghostwords was written on September 1, 2012

Double-bag that head

Ms Barnett plays one of the eponymous farm's mutated residents, credited as 'Pig Bitch'. She's wearing a pair of denim shorts, the crotch of which she rubs vigorously just before torturing one of the students. She has a (prosthetic) face not even a mother could love and exposed breasts, but the scene is extremely dark and (unlike the guy who wrote the IMDb advisory) I wasn't at all certain they were real. When next seen, she's wearing a shirt, so the jury's currently out on this one.

Ghostwords was written on September 1, 2012

Open to argument...

Okay, per my previous comment, I've found a screencap of Ms Barnett as 'Pig Bitch'. Real or not? You decide.

For comparison, here she is on a magazine cover. without prosthetics.

georgelloyd1 was written on September 1, 2012

I reckon they're real

Having looked at the photo of "Pig Bitch" and the pix from The Fear Chamber, I reckon those are her boobs we see in Albino Farm. Nipples look the same, too.

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