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Martine Karlsen
Sofie Cappelen
Rufus83 was written on August 25, 2011

No Panties

When she gets out of bed wearing only a t shirt she is not wearing any panties and gives us a good view of her vagina. You may need to take a screen cap and lighten it up.

lushjack was written on February 13, 2012

No such scene

This scene did not happen. She's wearing clothes and she's 13 sickos. There is however, a shower scene with about 8 naked boys some full frontals too...kind of shocking and more than gratuitous as they easily found a way to keep the girls clothed in their locker room sequence. Way to go first time female director/writer Sirin Eide you just provided legal pedophile porn...I'm being sarcastic obviously, I'm really not for underage nudity.

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