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2004 Head On 13 Reviews

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2008 Underbelly 1 Review

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Underbelly (2008)
GDH was written on January 22, 2010

Half of backside

Those who thrilled to dishy Dimitriades' disrobing in 1998's 'Head On' will be pleased that he's still willing to show skin. In the episode 'Wise Monkeys' he features in a prison shower scene. We only get one brief glimpse of the top half of his bum, but it's better than nothing...

Head On (2004)
Guiseppe was written on August 19, 2007

Alex's hard-on

On a list of beautiful erections, Alex Dimitriades has one that everyone should talk about in a positive aspect. um....so anyways we see this glorious dick of his in a post-masturbation scene. After fufilling himself, Alex strokes his hard-on merely. The lighting is perfect and his uncircumsized glory shines beautifully. Then comes the rest of his anatomy. During a humilating stripsearch by the police, Alex's character is forced to get rid of his clothing. He turns around and yanks of his skivvies, giving us a great look at his smooth, dimpled ass. What a treat all around!

GDH was written on January 7, 2001

Nude wrestling!

As well as the masturbation and police station scenes, there's also a scene where Dimitriades is laying nude on a mattress while Julian Garner (also nude) repeatedly hits him. Then Garner drags Dimitriades to his feet and throws him out of the door into the hallway, where Dimitriades hits the wall and slides down it to sit on the floor. There are several shots of his bum in this scene.

Bubblez was written on February 12, 2002

Best nudescene ever!

This is by far the best movie for nudity I've ever seen (Well, except Pornos...). Alex is very brave and he shows us his nice long semi-erect cock afer jerking off. We see his Penis in a great detail and his face is great experiencing the climax. Later we see him doing some workout in his tight underwear and also a closeup buttshot when he's forced to strip by the police. In the end of the movie he's getting a blowjob and you see his bum again. After fighting nude (More buttshots) you see him nude lying on the floor. Very great body. Maybe the best I've ever seen. Perfect-toned skin, great muscles, perfect shaves butt, pinchy nipples... THIS MAN IS PERFECT! Many bonusscnees like other guys giving him blowjobs...

FRuSTRaTeD was written on January 8, 2001

stroking penis after masturbation

Very early in the film, Alex enjoys a good toss which we see only from the chest up, but the facial expressions and groaning are all it takes to make this part very erotic.
After the climax, Alex rolls onto his side and for a few good long seconds reveals his large penis and balls. He is still fondling it in his hands, and he is possibly semi-aroused in this scene.
Later in the film, we see him strip off in the police station, showing his butt, then covering his genitals before turning around. He is also seen doing push-ups in just his jocks.
At the end of the movie, Alex is beaten up by another naked man who he came home with for the night. The two fumble around in the dark for quite some time, both completely naked, though a good frontal shot is not seen.
Overall a fantasic dose of good Aussie nudity, and from an actor who has plenty to show off as well!

chEEsE_n_baCoN was written on November 20, 1999

There are lots of scenes, but MY personal favourite is his masturbation scene. He is totally naked, and starts jacking off. When he's done, he lies on his front side, TOTALLY raw and he's rubbing his penis. You can see everything. He bears all i

Aaahhh!!! I LOVE HIM! He skin is totally uniform and so is the rest of his body. If you don't like Aussie movies, watch this one. it may be from Oz, but the jacking off scene is amazing and he is the biggest hunk I have ever seen. WATCH IT!

buttlover21 was written on February 3, 2000

Very Fine!!!

Alex has an awesome body! This movie is very dramatic, but also exposes Alex in all his glory. There is one scene where he is stripped naked and covering his penis. There are numorous butt shots. He has a nice smooth butt. (You just want to grab it!) He also has a wonderful chest. It is obvious that he has worked out. By far the best scene in the movie is the mastabating scene. You see him lying on his stomach and strocking his dick. He simply has an amazing body.

ddiggler was written on September 7, 2001

Post-Masturbation / Police Interrogation

The gorgeous ex-'Heartbreak High' hunk is seen
lying lengthwise on a bed stroking his big fat
cock,after masturbating. We do not see the actual
jacking-off, but a close-up of Alex's gorgoeus
face, full of expression, is turn-on enough. He
has a great well-toned body; his balls and pubic
hair also being clearly visible alongside his
large dick. This scene is approximatekly five
minutes into the movie, after he fantasizes about
giving head to another guy (I wish I was THAT
lucky guy!)...
Later in the movie Alex is forced to undress by a
brutal cop who barks at him to "Remove your under-
wear...NOW!", at which point he pulls down his
underpants revealing his fantastic muscular ass.
He turns towards the camera with his hands
covering his manhood, but barely his pubes. He
looks so sexy!! What a stud.

howsithanginNC was written on October 14, 2006

masturbation scene

Alex Dimitriades has the body of a God. His was the body that the Greek sculpters tried to emulate. Stunningly good-looking. He blesses us with this masturbation scene that has to be seen to be believed. It is a good 7-second frontal view of the most perfect male body you can imagine. He's writhing on the bed, facing the camera, fondling his balls and stroking his semi-erect--and rather thick!--penis. His penis is cut, and has a really nice, large helmet. His balls are of average size, and he has a rather nice thick bush of pubic hair. The scene is perfect for slow-mo repeat again, and again, and again...

daydreamer2000uk was written on January 10, 2003

The whole movie

Whilst you never actually get a good full frontal shot of this gorgeous young actor, what you do get to see is very sexy indeed. From his initail masturbation scene, to the force strip by the police, Alex certainly proves he has a body to be envious of! Excellent

Ozzie700 was written on July 11, 2002


Alex is truly one of the most sensual and beautiful men to ever appear on film - a throwback to the silent golden age of Navarro, Gilbert and Valentino. The nude scenes are fantastic (my favorite is the police interrogation strip), the entire film has a sexually charged atmosphere, but this would have been meaningless if not for Alex. He crackles through every blow job, every kiss and flirtation, even with the ladies. He's gorgeous all over, painfully, utterly stunning. Hopefully this is only the start of an undraped and successful film career.

Ozzie700 was written on July 11, 2002

See: Head On (1998)

Same film, many reviews.

Mattg was written on December 21, 1999

I heartily agree

Here is an incredibly hot young actor fully exposed by a female director, Ana Kokkinos. She must have had a fun time saying, Clothes off, action! The masturbation scene is one of many erotic scenes which primarily feature the very handsome hunk Alex. It's always nice to get a nice shot of some hot guy's front. Not the mention the many hot scenes later in the film and the somewhat disturbing police interrogation scene, where at least we get to see his naked butt on more time. Very hot.

dvdcollector was written on June 7, 2002

Three excellent nude scenes

This actor is one of the best-looking to appear nude in any movie. His skin is perfect, he has a beautiful face, and he has nice muscles.
The first scene is only a few minutes into the movie, when Alex (playing a character named Ari) masturbates and we get to see his semi-erect penis after he finishes. This is no quick glimpse, but a wonderful full shot of his long tool.
The next scene, my personal favorite, is when he is being interrogated by police and is ordered to strip. Initially he strips only to his underpants, in which he looks incredibly hot. The policeman then barks at him to remove his underpants, with which he complies and we get to see his beautiful, muscular arse.
Finally, after having sex with another man, we see both of them fighting while fully nude. Once again in this scene we get several views of Alex's beautiful arse.
In addition to all these scenes, there is also one of Alex doing push-ups while wearing only his white jockey briefs.
It is worth buying this Australian film simply for these scenes!

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