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Ellen Burstyn
ravy was written on October 16, 2000

Topless in bed

About 75 minutes into the movie, Ellen and Donald Sutherland are rolling around in bed. Then she sits up to put on her nightgown and you get a great view of both her tits. The problem is that the shot is framed so that only the bottom half of her face is showing. Nice tits though.

Ghostwords was written on August 4, 2008

Post-coital flash

As the above reviewer notes, Ellen Burstyn's breasts are in clear side view as she slips into her nightdress; however, the ratio on the version I've watching tonight lets you see her full face when she leans forward, as well as the upper part of her behind (from the side). === There's also an earlier scene in which Donald Sutherland fantasises he's been chased by dozens of naked black actors, most naked (but many shot from a distance), although some of the male actors appeared to have tucked their genitals between their legs in close-up. Very odd, but it was 1970.

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