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Rosario Dawson
Cinephile88 was written on December 5, 2007

(Breasts, Partial frontal) Rough sex...

Midway through this mediocre epic (although not half as bad as reviews led us to believe) Dawson has some rough sex with Farrell that features her plump, beautiful breasts literary flopping on her chest a some partial frontal views as she changes position. Hot stuff.

Omni was written on August 9, 2005

Oliver Stone is lame!

The director's cut dvd version has some of the nude scene removed. There is a whole part where the two wrestle with a knife... and lame-ass Oliver decided it wasn't important enough to keep in the movie. So if you didn't see the theatre version, too bad... though you saved yourself from a terrible movie.

umathurmanfan2 was written on February 22, 2005

rosario's very large breasts (and brief bush)

Wow! This womans breasts are truly awesome! I'd always thought she was well equiped, but she has one huge pair of breasts!

In this movie, we see everything. All of Rosario is shown and what I like about it was that the robe she was wearing was pulled off whilst she tried to get away.

The scene is long, giving us nice long looks at her stunningly large breasts. Whilst also providing brief shots of her bush. It happens arounf the 90 minute mark in what is a long but good movie.

The irony is that this is her longest scene in the movie, and most of it is spent with her totally nude.

lacupids was written on January 15, 2007

Full Round healthy Breasts

In the middle of the movie there is a scene where farrel and rosario have a simple fight. you can see her breasts sway right to left which is one of the hot breast scene i have seen. wow. also her breasts are lucious full bulky and nice.
she is like a tigress there. i can say the bold breasts... you got to watch that dudes...

RealRedDevil was written on November 25, 2004

Full frontal

Multiple views of Rosario's great boobs during the rape/sex scene with Colin Farrell. Brief flash of bush and several views of her butt.

MrThrobbin was written on November 25, 2004

Wedding night

We get a good look at Rosario's huge, beautiful tits in several shots. Each doesn't last for long, but she has gorgeous knockers. She also shows her bush, but as we're seeing from between her breasts, it's mostly as an outline against the background.

wr135 was written on December 24, 2006

full frontal sex scene

rosario is gorgeous in this movie. This is first time we get a good look at her tits and they are massive. U can also see some bush. This is probably about a 20 second very rough sex scene, i heard she gave colin farrell a black eye while filming it. Very gorgeous and worth seeing the dvd will probably be the best

Dudester was written on November 27, 2004

Fire lit wedding night-wait for the DVD

Rosario's nude scene comes about an hour and change into this overly long Oliver Stone interpetation of history. Wait for the DVD. The scene is a wedding night and rosario's character doesn't want to give up the tang without a fight. The scene is lit only by flickering torches. We see her large lucious tits for about three seconds each five or six times during this minute and a half long scene. We also see her furry bush twice, but it's in shadow and silhouette. Best bet-wait for the DVD, turn up the brightness and use the zoom and pause options.

Omni was written on November 28, 2004

Lots of Rosario

Well, finally she shows us her very large breasts. There is just the briefest flash of bush but really everything happens pretty quickly. This is funny because the rest of the movie is long and drawn out... just awful.

sodium was written on December 16, 2004

wedding night rape

Rosario Dawson's nude scene comes at 1 hour and 30 minutes into the film. If you'd like to first see "Roxanna" when Alexander does, sneak into the theater at 1:20. Leave again at 1:35, and you'll have seen the best part of this film: the wedding night rape. You now have accurate start and end times for what you want to see, and needn't watch the whole, boring three hours.

b00bfan was written on March 30, 2006

Only good part of the movie

Rosario bears her very big boobs in a sex clips with Collin Ferral. Despite the fact that Ferral is a retard, Rosario is great in this scene. She makes the sex look real hot as Collin drives into her real hard in constant motion. Shes got a very great chest, she should show more of it in a better clip.

blackguy was written on November 23, 2004

definite tit, possible bush

Just saw this movie tonight. Somewhere in the middle Farrel and Rosario Dawson have a love scene, it's pretty dark, but there's several (quick) flashes of her breasts (quite a nice rack too). May have caught a glimpse of bush too, but again it was dark, and quick so it's easy to miss. This isn't worth going to see in the theatres just for this scene, simply because it's a LONG ass movie. But freeze framing on DVD should be excellent.

JesusHolmes was written on December 27, 2004

Dangerous Sex

I thought it was quite a good scene, it was more hot and babaric, on better vids you see cleary, and the bootleg sucks. Nice ones Rosario.

Prosaic was written on December 10, 2014

Theatrical version on DVD

Omni is wrong the theatrical version of this movie is on DVD.

Colin Farrell
Likeshangers was written on October 28, 2005

Showing His BALLS Scene!!!!!

As a whole i loved this movie and it was nice and long so they were able to add more depth.The scene where he slowly climbs into bed is both a "tease" and a real eye popper as well.He spreads his legs nice and slow to show off a low hanging sack of 2 impresive,BIG BALLS.You can see his DICK flopping around too but cant'tell much about the size,just that it's nice and thick and also uncut.Would love to see it hanging,along with his balls to see how long his DICK is!!!!!

movies4life68 was written on August 7, 2005

gay sex scene

during his gay sex scene, you see colin climbing onto the bed, if you look closely you see his ass, but also his balls and penis. i gave this three stars since the nudity is dark, but still a very nice scene

Electrix was written on March 25, 2007

straight and gay sex scenes

There two great scenes of Colin in this movie:

1º: Before he climb on the bed, you have a perfect view of his balls and penis. Is just a few seconds, but the secne is clear and you definitively have one of tho most perfects scenes that shows his genitals.

2º: Having sex with his wife. You can see principally his butt, and very sex moviments of a wild sex.

He is perfect!!!

riccardoaffamato was written on January 10, 2005

getting into bed...

...and showing us a nice bag of balls between his buttocks... And what's that beyond? Why, a nice length of uncut salami I'm pretty sure (it was a very big screen.)

Guiseppe was written on August 20, 2007


This scene turned me gay. Why? Because Colin Farrell is the hottest, most luscious, Hollywood star out there. No Joke. While getting into bed, Colin sheds his rob and climbs under the covers. But, not without exposure. He gets into bed naked and we get an extended closeup shot of his buns of steel. But while getting under the covers, his HUGE bulldog balls and meaty penis flop onto his thigh for a few seconds. What a mouthwatering scene!

Nefertity was written on November 25, 2004

nice body

colin looked great here, he had several time to show his nice body , especially his two sex scenes , one straight and the other one is a gay sex scene. he show his rear here

cythera4 was written on October 22, 2009

swinging massiveness

As Farrell climbs out of bed, we get a glimpse from behind of his incredible, massive manhood, swinging between his thighs like a club. What power, what strength! Awesome!If you've seen Farrell's home sex movie, you know his cock, when rockhard, is as thick and fierce as a battering ram. Alexander the GREAT indeed.

peterpronto was written on December 25, 2004

colin farell naked with dawson

colin is a hottie heat with dawson awesome but i wish there was a sexy love scene with jared leto. alexender turns me on.... as he is gay

Dudester was written on November 27, 2004

Bare ass, ding dong makes cameo

We see his bare ass about 15 minutes after the wedding scene. He's about to climb into bed, attended by one of his effeminate male attendants. As he climbs into bed, he opens his legs for about two seconds and we see that he has a almost porno length thick tube steak. Gay guys should love this movie as there is plenty of man love in this flick.

mikeyb9 was written on October 18, 2005

Alexander {Colin) getting into bed love scene

In Alexander "The directors cut" there is a nude scene where Colin gets into bed and you can see a great shot from the rear of his butt and everything else hanging for all to see.....looks impressive !!

acneboy was written on December 1, 2005

the scene in which he ask the boy servant to have sex with him(alexander)

i can see his penis from the back when he's stepping in bed and asking his male servant to have sex with him

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