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year title
1987 Playboy's Bedtime Stories 1 Review
1986 Beverly Hills Call Girls 1 Review
1985 Young Lady Chatterley II 1 Review
1983 Erotic Images 1 Review

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Playboy's Bedtime Stories (1987)
12-string was written on March 26, 2001

a bit dark

Day stars in a medieval story about 2 Hungarian sisters who meet a quack doctor. He gives them a sleeping potion so he can have sex with them, but the joke is really on him. The other sister is porn actress Tina Ross, and both women look good, working full nude, but it's a bit dark and they're mostly seen lying down. Doesn't do either of them that much justice.

Beverly Hills Call Girls (1986)
12-string was written on March 26, 2001

standard for the show

Day talks to us in her UK accent, strips to beaver, shows off the body, while pretending to be a Beverly Hills Call Girl. Standard routine here but she looks fine.

Young Lady Chatterley II (1985)
Antman was written on December 1, 1999

Three scenes

A very cute blonde actress who plays Jenny, one of the maids. (6 min) Breasts and buns when she is having sex with the gardener in his shack. (28 min) Breasts and a couple of shots of her butt when she is nude and making out with Harlee McBride in the bathtub. (43 min) Breasts and buns when she is in bed with Monique Gabrelle, two other naked girls and one very lucky guy.

Erotic Images (1983)
Immy was written on May 10, 2005

Topless (0:37)

Alexandra is topless in bed nuzzling Edd Byrnes as he talks on the phone with Britt Ekland. Both boobs peek out now and then but the best view comes when she has to get out of bed to get a script. Nice C-cups.

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