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Sweet, Gary 3 Reviews

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Helen Buday
thefaceman32 was written on September 17, 2003


Australian actress Helen Buday, in the title role, sits bare-breasted for long stretches in front of a video camera while she makes a tape condemning her husband

Gary Sweet
Fiona was written on December 30, 2004

Push ups

Gary Sweet is well known in Australia. He was once married to one of our sports stars, Joanna Griggs.
Before this movie Gary had featured in a magazine, naked but with no frontal shots. He was very embarrassed while being interviewed about this photo shoot.
In this movie we clearly see his circumcised penis. I was surprised. Although it is not tiny, it is fairly small. Maybe 4 cm flaccid. It looks nice though. A previous reviewer said he had passed his prime and she was right. His tummy and chest are not so toned. But it is great to see him doing this nudity.

simon_peggs_bitch was written on September 7, 2010

full frontal

The mature Aussie stud shows us amazing frontal shots. Twice standing fully nude facing the camera and while doing push ups with his cock and balls dangling. This is an absolute must see for any fans of the sweet Gary Sweet as he is looking super sexy!

5th_element was written on January 27, 2004


There's a decent shot of his frontal nudity while doing push-up on the floor. He's past his prime but still looks sexy in this film.

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