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2004 Dieux du Stade: Making of du Calendrier 2005 2 Reviews

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Dieux du Stade: Making of du Calendrier 2005 (2004)
PubicHairandNipples was written on April 4, 2008

Totally Nude

The handsome Driollet is totally nude in this video, and, with the use of your pause button, you can get a very good look at his penis, balls and pubic hair. At one point, the camera scans as he poses at the door of a bus; his nipple is clear and we can see the centre looking erect. It's a really round, well-defined and attractive nipple. Shortly after, he is nude with others, just in trainers (nice touch). He handles his penis frequently, sort of pushing it up between both hands. His bush is dark and well-defined. In a further scene, we see him being photographed solo, posing and kicking a ball around naked. Alexis's penis looks smaller here, and natural. It swings around a lot, giving a clear view of his balls (can see the shape of each one if u freeze dvd!!). His penis is medium size, not too thick or too thin. The foreskin is quite long, which makes the end of his penis nicely tapered. Close up, his pubic hair and penis may not be the best, but his body and confidence, the firm nipples and the swinging penis make this first class!

GDH was written on December 11, 2004

Completely naked

The chunky Driollet's solo sequence starts with him nude and throwing a rugby ball around, his penis bouncing happily about. From then on Driollet is never seen wearing clothes (although for part of the time he's got a fair amount of mud smeared on him) and we get several full-frontal shots, and views of his bum. In a separate sequence that he shares with Romain Bellion, Romain Collinet, Lionel Gautherie and Anthony Hudson, we get more full-frontals (during which Driollet can't seem to stop playing with it...) and more views of his backside - including a gorgeous shot, from behind, as he's bending over...

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