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Sarandon, Susan 2 Reviews
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Krakowski, Jane 3 Reviews

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Susan Sarandon
Dididave was written on March 10, 2006

Bathroom scene with Alfie.

As Alfie starts to close the bathroom door behind him there is an out of focus shot of Susan taking off her bra.Although the shot is out of focus you can make out Susan taking of her blue bra and her breasts can be seen for a couple of seconds.Earlier in the film Susan is in a shop and trying on a dress that is not quite large enough for her and her breasts look like they are trying to escape from the constricting material.Susan just keeps on getting sexier the older she gets!My personal nudity rating for this film is 9 points.

ff was written on March 10, 2006

too out of focus!

Sarandon is sexy through out the entire film but the scene is too out of focus to see anything. You don't even see her face so i'm not ruling out the possibility of a body double.

Sienna Miller
Dudester was written on November 12, 2004

Two of three B's, nice body, boobs and butt, but wait for the DVD

Sienna's nude scene comes about an hour into this trainwreck of a movie. Sienna plays a free spirited party girl. When she starts painting her apartment in Alfie's favorite shirt, Alfie objects. She then pulls the shirt off. We get a close ten second look at her firm B/C cups as she leans in and kisses him. The scene is well lit, and judging by her dark brown cone shaped nipples, Sienna is cold, nervous, or both. Alfie starts narrating and Sienna walks over to the fridge. We see she is wearing only a pink thong and get a good but quick look at her tanned and toned body, including her butt-what a nice small one it is. We get several more glances, but wait for the DVD on this flick. I give the review three stars because she has a great body, but the scene lacks eroticism and length.

Jane Krakowski
BagronkeN was written on March 6, 2005

Minor nip-sliip

After riding Alfie in the back of the limo, she backs up and gives us a tiny nipple slip.
Her boobs are either fake or taped up for the scene, cause they look a bit "dodgy" and plastic.

Dudester was written on November 12, 2004

DVD Alert: Ridin Alfie-nip peek?

Jane is riding Alfie in his limo. She's wearing a black bra. She leans in over him (the camera angle is from the side), then when the camera angle is from the front we see her straighten up. I'm not really sure if I saw something pink that fell back into the cup, but it will be something to look for on DVD.

ff was written on March 10, 2005

2 accidental nudity

boring. You can see a very tiny portion of her left nip. It's not even 1/4 of a nipple. The second one is when she runs away from Jude Law you can see a brief peek at the bottom half of her butt. There is a bit of motion blur though.

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