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1973 Female Vampire 1 Review
1973 Avaleuses, Les 0 Reviews

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Female Vampire (1973)
BushLeague was written on February 1, 2003

Beddy bye with vampirella

Short cropped french gal with an atypical French figure. She has a pair of nice symmetrical 36d's, no cinch at the waist, an ever so slight pot belly she tries to suck in, slim man like hips and a flat ass with a black bush--legs are very trim. She gets undressed for bed a few times to full nude and usually only shows full frontal with hairy pubic triangle, there might have been a pussy lip shot, but the crotch was blurry. Once she is shown full backal laying on the bed and you can see her slighlty heart shape ass, muscular back and legs at an oblique angle. She eventually does the nasty with the nude vampire chick (no north to south lip contact shown in this version, although the vampire does explicitly finger her own cunt lips). All scenes very well lit and little camera trickery.

Avaleuses, Les (1973)

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